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Apr 2, 2014

DHC Chairman Loans “800 million yen to Mr. Yoshimi Watanabe” - What are Politicians? –

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DHC Chairman Loans “800 million yen to Mr. Yoshimi Watanabe”  
- What are Politicians? –

Fifty million yen cost Inose his political career. Although Watanabe is almost in the same situation, he borrowed as much as 800 million yen! I wonder how what he intended to use 800 million yen, which, according to him, he borrowed as an individual, not for election campaign funds. I think that politicians who tell obvious lies without any embarrassment are shameless, special type of people. Honest people must be inferior race by their standard.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 27, 2014

English translation of a Japanese article: The Asahi Shimbun – March 26, 2014 –

DHC President Loans “800 million yen to Mr. Yoshimi Watanabe” – Weekly Magazine Reports

Private papers that Mr. Yoshida Yoshiaki, the chairman of a big cosmetics company DHC (Minato Ward, Tokyo), loaned a total of 800 million yen to Your Party leader Yoshimi Watanabe was posted in a weekly magazine “Shukan Shinchou” that went no sale on 26. Mr. Watanabe reportedly asked for a loan. Although some of the loan has been repaid, debtor balance reportedly amounts to approximately 550 million yen.

On the other hand, Mr. Watanabe listed debtor balance of 250 million yen in his financial statement as of December 16, 2012, submitted to the House of Representatives. There is a discrepancy between his report and the amount described in Mr. Yoshida’s private papers. If he had used some of the loan for his political activities or election campaigning and failed to list it in the income-expenditure reports, it may constitute a violation of the Political Funds Control Law or the Public Office Election Law.

According to the magazine, Mr. Yoshida paid into Watanabe’s private bank account 300 million yen in June before the 2010 July House of Councilors election and 500 million yen in November before the 2012 December House of Representatives election, respectively. Mr. Yoshida also told that he had received an IOU for 300 million yen he loaned in 2010 but an IOU for 500 million yen he loaned in 2012 had not been forwarded.

Mr. Watanabe’s office says: “We cannot make any comment because we haven’t seen an article before the magazine goes on sale.” A person close to Mr. Watanabe demonstrate the recognition of proposing no problems because it was a loan as an individual, paid the interest and has the intension to pay off.
English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: richardkosihmizu’s blog – March 27, 2014 –
Main exchange of questions and answers by DHC Chairman – Request for a loan of “300 million yen” made by Mr. Watanabe Made

“He asked me to loan money necessary for elections.” On 26, Chairman Yoshiaki Yoshida of DHC (based at Tokyo) accepted an interview with the Asahi Shimbun and talked about why and how he loaned 800 million yen to Your Party leader Yoshimi Watanabe, in detail. Main exchange of questions and answers is as follows:

Q: When did you transfer the money?

A: “I paid 300 million yen before the 2010 House of Councilors election and 500 million yen before the 2012 House of Representatives election, respectively.”

Q: Did you recognize the money as being used as campaign funds?

A: Can I borrow money for a purpose other than campaign funds? Usually, we borrow or lend 10 million yen at most, don’t we? It is apparently necessary for elections.”

Q: Did Mr. Watanabe tell you that he needed money for elections?

A: “Of course. Nothing but election was talked about. I paid money to a private bank account, different from a bank account for political contribution.”

Q: Did Mr. Watanabe mention the amount of money?

A:” Yes. He mentioned around 300 million yen or so. It was the same with a loan of 500 million yen. Why would I offer 300 million yen or 500 million yen”?

Q: In the 2012 House of Representatives election, All Your Party was finding a way to forge an election alliance with the Japan Restoration Party. What made you reach an agreement to loan 500 million yen?

A: “I asked him how much money was necessary. He said that approximately 2 billion yen would be necessary to have 100 candidates elected. Subsequently, I was informed that only 500 million yen was necessary (because of cancellation of election cooperation).

Q: How about interest or mortgage?

A: “When I borrowed 300 million yen, he personally signed an IOU. I suppose that an interest was a few hundredth of a percent. There was no description of mortgage or repayment deadline. When it comes to a loan of 500 million yen, nothing about it was talked about.

Q: Could you show us an IOU of 300 million yen?

A: “It is difficult to find the IOU because it is in a safe.”

Q: Did he show any reaction after money was transferred?

A:”I might have received a mail to the effect that he received it with thanks. I remember the mail conveying no feeling of appreciation. So I don’t know about how he felt and all the more about the money.”

Q: Why have you reveal the flow of money?

A: “Why have I supported All Your Party with a lot of money? That is to reform the bureaucracy, which damages Japan. I was out of patience with Mr. Watanabe, who didn’t give any posts in the Upper House Budget Committee to Yui-no-tou (Unity Party), which put up a slogan of breaking bureaucracy-led government (after breaking apart from All Your Party). I didn’t have any desire to have him pay back.

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