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Mar 4, 2014

System of Heavenly World 10 – Dimensions of Star Deities

Information from Mr.Takeshita Masatoshi.

In the last post “System of Heavenly World 9” I let you know that there are 10-stage difference between humans and universes as shown below:

10. Super cluster deities
9. Galaxy cluster deities
8. Galaxy deities
7. Star cluster system deities
6. Star cluster deities
5. Star system cluster deities
4. Star system deities
3. Stellar deities
2. Heavenly deities
1. Earthly deities

There are following sentences on page 188 in *“Visitor to Earth from 2nd Planet” (Japanese version; translated by Hachiro Kubota, published by Chuou Art Shuppan) written by George Adamski.

“Each planet travels about the sun along with many other planets with perfect timing and all planets make up so-called Solar System as a unit. As far as we have learned through space travels, one Solar System has 12 planets in any case. Additionally, 12 Solar Systems bind together around the core, which is equivalent to the sun to form an “island universe” as it is called by scientists on earth. And these 12 island universes form a bigger unit in the residence of a “father” who has many mansions. In conclusion, the universe has no limits.”
(Translator’s Note) *Original title: “Inside the Space Ship” by George AdamskiThis paragraph is translated from the Japanese version into English anew.

As explained here, 12 stars centering around one star form a Star System (our Solar System is an example), 12 Star Systems centering around one star system (for example, Sirius Star System) form a Star System Cluster, and 12 Star System Clusters centering around one star system cluster form a Star Cluster in the same way. This pattern goes on and on until a Super Cluster is formed. Finally, 12 Super Clusters centering around one last Super cluster form the universe.

Each of two stages in the above 10 stages forms a pair: Earthly deities / Heavenly deities, Stellar deities / Star system deities, Star system cluster deities /Star cluster deities, Star cluster system deities / Galaxy deities, and Galaxy cluster deities / Super cluster deities. The dimensions where such paired deities exist are an extension of relations between System and dimension where Earthly deities and Heavenly deities exist as I have explained so far. Such relations between System and dimension are figured as follows:

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