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Mar 15, 2014

Illustration of Kagayakiwataruumashihoshino-himemiko-sama (Star Merak in the Big Dipper, 15 years of age) and her message

(Star Merak in the Big Dipper, 15 years of age)

Illustrated byMrs. Seiko Nakanishi

I’ve got the name of himemiko-sama (goddess) of Star Merak in the Big Dipper and received her message to earthlings through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. I’d like to convey the information from her.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 9, 2114

<Message to Earthlings>

“Hello, everybody of beautiful Earth!
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Kagayakiwataruumashihoshino-himemiko.

It is with great pleasure that I can send a message to you.

It is a big surprise that many people begin to take an interest in the universe and are calling for us through prayer.

I feel more and more joy to see the shining Earth day by day.

We hope that the shining Earth and all living beings on it will be able to realize happy and safe future as soon as possible.

We would like to support the brave, all of you.

Confusion or unstable situation might continue for some time to come.
Please bravely overcome it by unifying wisdom and power of prayer.

An exit is just around the corner.

Instead of abandoning hope, please always maintain a peaceful state of mind.

We always watch over you by your side.

I’ll send love and courage to all of you.


<About an episode when she was in the Creator of Deity of Love 5th System as well as celestial school>

“When I was in the Creator of Deity of Love 5th System, I felt peaceful every day.
I spent every day basking in love of my parents and being surrounded with animals and flowers in nature.

Mountains seen far in the distance,
Blue, transparent sky and lake,
A field of flowers all around,
I insatiably looked at quiet, tranquil and clean scenery every day.
I enjoyed dancing with birds and animals.
When I began to take an interest in dancing and music, my parents encouraged me to enter the school.
I specialize in classical ballet, violin, singing, botany, physics, astronomy, and so on.

I enjoy studying at school every day and school life is filled with delight in learning.
I have learned the importance of putting all my love in learning anything.

I am very happy to continue learning at school.

I might meet you someday.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.”

<Lastly, I got a message from her to Mr. Takeshita.>

“Considering your important role, I cannot help but pray for your getting your job done and returning safe.
Please take good care of yourself.
Would you tell the above to Mr. Takeshita?”

Seiko Nakanishi

Additional message from himemiko-sama in response to questions from readers:

Q: I wonder who gave you such a wonderful name.

My mother did.

Q: Do you have a class of Taiheki in the celestial school as on Earth? Are you also having a lively conversation about it?

We had a class of Taiheki in past days, but it is over.
The celestial school has a wide range of curriculum, in which we have to learn a lot of things.
As you say, a class of Taiheki is quite interesting.
I remember falling down laughing at the explanation of Daishoushin-makatonaru-kami-sama, who was very good at mimicking behavior of each Taiheki.
I felt that knowing Taiheki helped understand myself.
We have enjoyed video lectures by Mr. Takeshita very much.
I am very happy to share joy of learning with you.

(Note) Taiheki – A concept of one’s bodily tendency in sensitivity, temperament, movement and personality (Wikipedia)

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