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Mar 14, 2014

[Crimea] Russian Navy “Scuttling Operation” Ukrainian Navy Contained Inside Bay

photo: Ryusaku Tanaka
[Crimea] Russian Navy “Scuttling Operation”  Ukrainian Navy Contained Inside Bay

I don’t know any journalists but Mr. Ryusaku Tanaka who delivers information including information on such a big event that is highly likely to lead to world war III, through directly gathering information from the ordinary people’s point of view. I’d like to ask you to tell about excellent information provided by Mr. Ryusaku Tanaka and IWJ to those who don’t know about them. I’d like you to support them, too.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 8, 2014

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Ryusaku Tanaka Journal – March 8, 2014 –

[Crimea] Russian Navy “Scuttling Operation” Ukrainian Navy Contained Inside Bay

The right side and the left side are the Donuzlav Bay 
and the Black See respectively. 
A ship’s hull is seen on the water due to shallow water. 
Ships other than small-sized ships like fishing boats cannot sail.
= on 7th, mouth of the Donuzlav Bay Photograph: this writer =

The vessel is not stranded or does not turn over. It was exploded to block the mouth of the bay. This is the Donuzlav Bay, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine is located. The bay spreads like an oil bottle hanging upside down toward the Black Sea. The mouth of the bay is less than 200 meters in width.

On 6th, the Russian Navy exploded an old ship (it commissioned in 1973 with a freight ton of 8,565 tons and an overall length of 173 meters) and sank it there. Due to shallow water, the ship has its belly exposed miserably. Ukrainian naval ships are “trapped like a rat.” This is one of offshore strategies, “blockade.”

There is a reason why the Russian Navy carried out such a bold and heavy-handed operation. It has been decided on 6 by the Crimean provincial assembly that a referendum on “incorporation to Russia” is to be held.

Ukraine new government, which is deeply concerned about the situation, tried to send its naval sips to Odessa port to hold the region under control. The Russian Navy caught the movement of the new government and got the start of it.

This reminds us of the “Blockade of the mouth of Port Arthur” in the Russo-Japanese War (in 1904). An allied fleet led by Admiral Togo Heihachiro sank its old ship to block the Russia fleet inside Port Arthur and to prevent reinforcements from entering the port.

The blockade failed but the then Russian Navy must have been frightened. We are completely ignorant of whether Russia followed suit with the Japanese allied fleet.

Russia has succeeded in nullifying the Ukraine army without shooting any bullet. It is better to end a war with no lives lost.

A warship, presumably Russian navy, 
was reconnoitering off coast.
= on 7th, from the Donuzlav Bay Photograph: this writer =

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