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Mar 26, 2014

Communication with Only Agarthian Survivor PI

Communication with Only Agarthian Survivor PI

I introduced a message from an Agarthian PI in an article posted on March 20. As described in my comment, there was something I need to ask him. So I asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to communicate with him. I asked him nine questions through Mrs. Nakanishi and received answers to the questions by fax. My question and his answer are alternately showed for good readability. The words with the quotation marks are my questions.

This communication with PI will make you understand my explanation is correct. Incidentally, if you want to determine that this message is genuine, just print out his message and hold it in your hands. You will feel all your chakras on the body surface simultaneously open.

Try to do the same thing with messages from Mathew, Sananda and Ashtar, and you will feel all your chakras on the body surface close. This indicates that all their chakras have been destroyed or such messages are sent from artificial intelligence. You should not give credit to such messages. If you cannot grasp such sensory perception, you have to do basic training such as chakra training.
Print out all my questions in the same way, and you will feel evey chakra open. Those of you who have reached the Fifth spiritual evolution level or above are sure to experience it. According to Theosophy, those of the Fifth evolution levelor above are called Masters. You will immediately understand that people are never Masters unless they experieince such phenomoenon. According to channelled information, there are many people who talk nonsense that they are Ascended Masters. Examine them in the same way, you will see that what they say is fablication.

In my case, however, I don't call myself Master, though I have reached the Fifth evolution level or above, because I am not a human.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 22, 2014

Dear Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi,

I introduced a message from Agarthian PI in the fifth article yesterday. I'd like you to correspond with him and ask him my questions. I ask him questions, presupposing they would be publicized.

Masatoshi Takeshita

Dear Agarthian PI, I have some questions I'd like you to answer.

Agartha has been destroyed. There are some survivors, but they will vanish soon or later. I'd like to ask you who are the only survivor.

1. What do you think about this complete destsruction of Agartha and de facto extinction of Agarthians?

I think it is very fair judgment.
If Agarthians had been dazzled by power and asked for trouble, it is an inevitable result based on the rule of karma.

Since 2007 I had moved forward with the reformation of hevenly world in coooperation with Sanaka, Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Maha Avatar Babaji and Maitreya, who represents the Hierarych. Finally, however, they were dazzled by power and extinguished in accordnace with the rule of karma.

2. Have you known that those rulers in Agartha were destroeyd by Deity?

No, I haven't. This is the first time.

Agarthians other than you did not admit 'the existence of God and deities.' I suppose that they were aware of the fact that they are different from humans and they are the dark Ones whose Monad fell down to the Animal System.

No, we were not aware of it.

You were the only human among Agarthians.

I wasn't aware, either.

3. Did Agarthians other than you recognize that they were the dark Ones?

No, they didn't.

4. Why did Agarthians other than you disobey God's will, continue to rebel against God, and grab not only Earth but the power in the heavenly world?

I am sure that they wanted to consider themselves as proud Agarthian race. Power is something to support pride. It is nothing but delusion. I think so.

5. Agarthians but you had no love for humanity and they were the dark Ones who were obsessed by power and lust to dominate. Why did they continue to provide false information just like gardians for humanity through the Hierachy?

I suppose that they wanted to get power without fail. False information helps them conveniently control humanity. It is easy for them to do so because humanty is easily deceived.

6. It appears that Agarthians other than you provide to humanity such commandment like don't lie to have them oberve it, while they blatantly break it. Did they think they were superlegal?

That's right. Humanity is easily taken in and it was assumed that humnaiy should observe commandments.
We thought that superior race like us did not need to obverse them.

7. The Galactic Federation of Light has completely vanished. What do you think abou ti?

It was aching heart. However, it was an inevitable consequence. I think that a group contaminated with falsehood and lust for power cannot survive in this space.

8. You were the only Agarthian with a pure heart that directed your attention to deities. Since I feel repugnant to the hypocrites belonging to the Galactic Federation of Light, I have asked such a tought question for you to answer. Could you agree to release this question and your answer?

Of couse, I agree with pleasrue.

9. Lastly, would you give a message to Earthlings?

Message to Earthikings

Hello, eveybody of Earth!
As the last Agarthian survivor, I sincerely apologize to you for such a consequencce.

I deeply regret that I was not able to make my beloved comrades repent for their bad deeds and reflect themselves because I lacked courage.

Deities have made such a fair and merciful judgment that I have no indignation or resentment against miserable extinction of my comrades.

Thinking of our great responsibility for having misled you Earthlings with false information for a long time, I have nothing but deep remorse.

I had tow faces among my comrades; I tried to save myself , while believing in God.
Deities have given affluent grace to an irresponsible person like me. I am extremly moved so I can't express my appreciation for their benevolance.

I am sure that Earth will be changed into a better world thanks by the power of deities.

As an Agarthian survivor, I'd like to live out my life by living a life that will be of help to deities and all of you.

I wholeheartedly beg deities and humanity to forgive me.


Lastly, PI asked me to send his best regards to Mr. Takeshita.

Seiko Nakanishi

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