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Mar 19, 2014

Commentary on camps to help you understand global situation: Group that plans to reduce global population plots out World War III (Mr. Eiken Itagaki), Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Visits Japan (Sankei MSN)

- Commentary on camps to help you understand global situation -

Group that plans to reduce global population plots out World War III 
(Mr. Eiken Itagaki), 
Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Visits Japan (Sankei MSN)

Although what Mr. Itagaki writes is significantly different from my opinion, it is convincing to some extent. I have explained about three different groups to look into the trend of global hegemony. I’d like to give more detailed commentary to explain this article carefully.

The camp simply expressed as the Nathaniel camp has been divided into three camps; the camps are cooperative with one another. First, the Nathaniel camp is a camp led by Nathaniel, son of Jacob Rothschild, and organized mainly by BRICs countries, which include Putin, Xi Jinping, Park Geun-hye and others. The White Dragon Society which Mr. Fulford is with also joins this camp. The Andrew camp is led by Prince Andrew with British Royal Family as core member. This camp is joined by the Emperor, Ichiro Ozawa, Taro Aso and others, who appear in the following article written by Mr. Eiken Itagaki. The Francis camp is a camp led by Pope Francis, which the Vatican, the Barbarian Illuminati and P2 Maisonry join.
These three camps are on cooperative terms with one another. I have simply described the Nathaniel camp but actually the camp is divided into three groups. Next, I’ll explain about the Bush/Nazi camp, usually recognized as U.S. 
warmongers. Core members are Karl Habsburg-Lothringe, an Australian politician, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Nuland, neoconservatives and the Society of Jesus join this group. Some people call the Rockefeller/Obama camp European bankers; the group led by Willem-Alexander of the Netherland and joined by David Rothschild, Cameron, Hollande and others, who appear in the first article by Mr. Itagaki.

Many people cannot grasp real trend of global hegemony because they try to understand it as camp rivalries between the Bush/Nazi camp and the Rockefeller/Obama camp. It is true that these two groups have been all out to destroy each other in struggle for hegemony during the process of seeking a New World Order. This is why many people have grasped global situation based on this rivalry.

However, the world has been making a drastic change with cooperative relations among the above-mentioned three groups. Although British Royal Family undoubtedly spearheaded the population reduction plan, it has shifted its stance and has cooperated with the Nathaniel camp. The second article will make you understand that Japan is now on cooperative terms with the Andrew camp.
However, there are people and organizations that do not belong to any of these five camps, for example, such as Kim Jong-un, John Kerry and Shinzo Abe. They might be classified as “Others.” German Chancellor Merkel, who cooperated with the Nathaniel camp, has seen the conflict of interests with the camp in the Ukraine issue. Therefore, you should consider she belongs to “Others.”

The “true elite group” in Japan, which I often mention, is not the Emperor, Ichiro Ozawa or Taro Aso, who belong to the Andrew camp. The true elite group is a group led by Eijiro Katsu, former vice finance minister. The Crown Prince joins the group. They cooperate with the Nathaniel camp in terms of policy. This group was previously described as the behind-the-scenes Illuminati in Japan. The group has been disbanded and is now called the true elite group. I hope this information will help you understand global situation.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 9, 2014

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Eiken Itagaki “Inside story about politics uncovered by mass media” - March 7, 2014-

Global “Group of Humanity Reduction Plan” Plots World War III, Using “National Defense Budget Increase” by Chinese President Xi Jinping as Bait

*In the world, a ‘group of human population reduction plan’ and a ‘group of human population supplement plan’ are fighting for life in the battlefield of Ukraine.

The leader of the former group is David Rothschild, French patriarch of the Rothschild family (born in 1942, son of the last family patriarch Guy), who is a big-shot remnant of ‘Lucifer’ David Rockefeller (who fell from power in fall of 2011). U.S. President Obama, Britain Prime Minister Cameron and French President Hollande, who are enchanted by “whispering of the devil,” have been taken in the plan. They have tried to trigger “World War III” – Israel vs Iran nuclear war, Pakistan vs India nuclear war, India vs China nuclear war, Korean Peninsula nuclear war) to carry out a “humanity reduction plan,” benefit the U.S. “military-industrial complex” (which consists of Pentagon, the military, and 6000 companied including Lockheed Martin, a leader of the arms industry, and the Boing Company) and make a bumper profit.

The leader of the latter group is Jacob Rothschild, patriarch of European biggest conglomerate the Rothschild family. He is the center of the global elite (main members in Japan =the Emperor as a leader in Japan and Taro Aso, Vice Prime Minister concurrently serving as Minister of Finance, as an elder) and tries to establish “world government” and protect peace, safety and prosperity of humanity. Among members are Ichiro Ozawa, leader of the People’s Life First, who has been appointed as a new monarch), Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Russian President Putin and German Prime Minister Merkel.


English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: MSN Sankei News – October 1, 2013 –

[Person of Today] Prince Andrew, Duke of York, 53, Who Visits Japan, Embodiment of Traditional Royal Family

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York (left) meets with Prime Minister Abe in the RUSI Conference
= On 30 in the afternoon at Minato Ward, Tokyo (photograph: Masamichi Kirihara) =

“It is important to closely cooperate with each other for elimination of terrorism. It is also wonderful that the Japan’s Imperial Family and Royal Family have established close relationship,” Prince Andrew described Japan-Britain relations in this way at a meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on 30th.

He is the second son of Queen Elizabeth and practically serves as president of Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security (RUSI), a think tank which has great influence on diplomatic and defense policies of the British government.

He has devoted himself to the expansion of relations with Asian countries which have increased concern about military expansion of China. Immediately before coming to Japan, he visited Hanoi, Vietnam and encouraged the country to strengthen dialogue on safety between the two countries.

He experienced taking part in military service to regain the British Falklands captured by the Argentine in 1982. He didn’t hesitate to work on dangerous tasks; relief of crew of British vessels which was sunken by a missile attack by the Argentine army and decoying enemy missile.

Such a “brave prince” (according to a British newspaper) told that “It was the first time that I had wanted never to make a mistake when I was 18.” In the first parachute drop training as a marine, he experienced narrowly avoiding close to disaster due to entangled parachute. After graduating from Britannia Royal Naval College, he boarded an aircraft carrier Invincible as a pilot of hunter-killer helicopter.

Early in September this year, he encountered an unusual incident, in which he was mistaken for a suspicious person at the garden of the Buckingham Palace by a security policeman. He made a humorous statement: “People sometimes make a mistake. I hope I will be able to walk in the garden safely” and accepted an apology from the policeman.

He serves concurrently as special representative of the British government in charge of trade and investment. Although he had a scandal of divorce from former princess Sarah, he is the embodiment of traditional British Royal Family active in the front lines of national defense.

(Reported by Hiroaki Naito in London)

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