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Mar 25, 2014

Colossal Explosion at Underground Base in Agartha and More Than 1,000 Agarthians Ignore Warning

Colossal Explosion at Underground Base in Agartha and 
More Than 1,000 Agarthians Ignore Warning

A colossal explosion in this video is seen at the underground base in Agartha. This accident killed more than 1,000 Agarthians. In a comment on the March 16 article, I issued an ultimatum that anyone who should send channeled information under a false name had better prepare for being immediately purged. They were foolish enough to ignore my warning and send channeled information under a false name. Such information was sent by artificial intelligence (AI) managing Agartha. Deities immediately destroyed the AI. As a result, Agartha, whose city function was completely paralyzed, was not able to control its underground environment, which caused an explosion. This is a reason for this explosion.

A being named Pi is a real Agarthian and is now under the control of the Galactic Federation. Eventually, he will be the only Agarthian survivor. Since the underground city life was devastated, Agarthians cannot help come out of underground around 40 days. Since they cannot directly expose themselves to sunlight, they will go insane, cursing God. And they all will die no later than three years. They have very strong psychic power. If they get angry at my warning and send destructive psychic power to me, their karma will get back to them and destroy themselves.

Whatever warning I give, beings with impure hearts won’t listen to it. They will be destroyed, which serves them right.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 20, 2014

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Voyage to Space – March 20, 2014 –

Unreported News on Colossal Explosion at the Site of First A-bombing Test

Colossal explosion confirmed by radar, seen around 0:50

A colossal explosion occurred in New Mexico, U.S.A. It is near the place where the first A-bombing test was carried out. According to the weather forecast, the fume from this explosion was a sort of storm. It was a sunny day without any clouds around there on that day. It is a semidesert area, where we rarely see a storm.


Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’s Website – March 15, 2014 –

Message from Agartha - Inner Earth- Pi - Time has come 

We are Agarthians and we greet you this day and age our dearly beloved companions of the magnificent planet that we all call home. The mother star ship that is floating amongst the stars.

We come to you today to heed this message to those that have come into this world to undertake this task and to those that will listen. We the Agarthians are here to REMIND you of your mission at hand for which some of you have signed up before incarnating here on earth. Many of you have been hearing the call of the mother earth. Many of your own hearts have been opening wide to the new waves of eternal love coming from your mother Gaia, the healing processes have indeed been running deeply enrooted in the hearts of humanity.

We come to you today and ask that those of you who have come here with an encoded genetic DNA code of the ages to step forward. Those of you reading this message who areovercome with the all knowing sensation that it is indeed YOU whom we are speaking to, we ask you to step forward to your mission, and to activate the code within your hearts of freedom, the GOD code of the glorious new earth and the new order of life, love, spirit and the eternal OM, and so…

Let us briefly explain to you the situation at hand, for eons we have remained in the inner core of the earth, for eons we have remained her grateful servants, for eons we have kept the secrets of the universals truth beneath the layers of soil, rock and water, beneath the layer of protection within our beloved mother GAIA, and so the time has now come to purge all that is no longer welcomed on the surface of your planet, and to finally release the Universal truth to humanity.
To assist our dearly beloved human brothers and sisters in finding their own way home.

Therefore it is time to REMIND those amongst you who have with the informational codes within their hearts DNA, to step forward and to come here to Agartha and activate the Crystals Clusters hidden beneath the earth in the Agarthian planes of existence.

To do so we ask that you ask to see me – PI and I shall come to greet you at the gates of your choosing. We await your return!

(Note) Font change into red letters made by Mr. Takeshita

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