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Mar 11, 2014

Absurd messages from remnants of the Hierarchy and Each wrongdoing accumulates Karma - Master Saint Germain, Mathew

Absurd messages from remnants of the Hierarchy 
and Each wrongdoing accumulates Karma

I’d like to give some comment on these absurd messages. As explained so far, they are the remnants of the Hierarchy led by Maitreya. The Hierarchy is a non-existent group because they have already been destroyed. They have sending messages one after another using others’ names and every message has no meaning.

Although two beings by the same name of Saint Germain sent messages on March 3 and 6, they are fake Saint Germain and not the same person. The being that sent a message on March 3 has been arrested. The other being that sent a message on March6 will be arrested tomorrow. The being that sent a message on March 3 and a fake Mathew, whose karma have exceeded the lowest point due to this wrongdoing, have lost psychic powers and simultaneously developed mental disorder. If this goes on, the other fake Saint Germain that sent a message on March 6 is most likely to have the same experience.

Although they are aware of being expelled from the true Galactic Federation, they pretend to be members and intentionally rebel against deities. They realize that they are the company of the devil. How dare they call themselves ascended masters? It’s a laughingstock. They won’t stop making a futile struggle against deities. Every time they do wrongdoing, karma is accumulated and they go mad when karma exceeds the lowest point. Their companies have already gone mad. They should realize they will be next on the list. They should know it is wrongdoing to send messages using names of others.

It appears, however, that channelers receiving such information believe that such beings are real members of the Galactic Federation and they are doing good in cooperation with the beings. Channelers have to realize the truth and keep away from them. Otherwise, they have karma accumulated and finally develop mental disorder in the same way as they do, and they will have one year to live.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 7, 2014

An excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’s website – March 7, 2014 –

Good evening, I AM Saint Germain.

When this day completes the New Earth can begin No details are to be given.

Some of you are feeling the new consciousness or your bodies are coming into sync with it Others are co-creating new definitions of ascension. Ascension will come with no warning in advance. Be open and aware, but this date is not about a group ascension, though it may be ascension for some. When it is time for a group ascension to occur, my name will not be calling you.

More tomorrow.

I AM That I AM
Ascended Master Saint Germain
An excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’s website – March 4, 2014 –

Urgent Message from Saint Germain – 3 March 2014

3 March 2014 -7:39pm arunanow
Channeler: Aruna Byers

Good afternoon, I AM Saint Germain.
Now we are going to energize Earth with another delivery of mastery. Details are not to be given.
Thursday, March 6 we will be needing your attention. Clear your mind and pay attention. Those who can hear our call are asked to answer. No one is being told the content of our call in advance. When we call there will be no time to waste. Answer right away.
This will change your collective consciousness.

An excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’s website – March 4, 2014 –

Message from Mathew – March 3, 2014

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Despite what may appear to be the contrary, happenings around your world are steadily moving your society forward. Citizens’ protests against government leadership or policies from community level to national is forcing resolution of issues that have been causing considerable dissatisfaction—this is releasing negativity so it cannot become entrenched. Turbulence in the Ukraine will bluster on, but there is insufficient momentum in Earth’s energy field of potential for eruption into a widespread battleground.

Random acts of violence will continue to provide karmic experiencing for all persons involved, and it is to be expected that political and diplomatic negotiations will bog down from time to time on the way to peaceful accords. You can expect more arrests, firings and resignations in the international banking community and some governments, and it appears that a shake-up in the Vatican is on the horizon. Such disparate groups as churches, multinational corporations, civic and school organizations and nonprofit agencies are cooperating in major projects to expand educational and employment opportunities.

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