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Feb 25, 2014

Video we want many people to see! The world enchanted by the footage of good old-style wedding ceremony in Japan!! Overseas voices “It’s simply beautiful”

source via: RocketNews24
Video we want many people to see!  
The world enchanted by the footage of good old-style wedding ceremony in Japan!!  Overseas voices “It’s simply beautiful”

It is true that this video image seems to be quite Japanese, but why do we feel it so beautiful? I suppose that if we look at this sort of thing from childhood, couples who want Shinto-style wedding will grow in numbers. An image of wedding ceremony combined with wedding dress has been strongly planted since childhood. I think Japanese have to appreciate how marvelous our culture is. I knew the greatness of Japan for the first time when I read the *Hotsumatsutae. The recognition of Japan I had had before was completely changed.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 18, 2014

(Note) *The Hotsumatsutae is an elaborate epic poem of Japanese legendary history which differs substantially from the mainstream version in the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki. (Wikipedia)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Rocket News 24 – February 15, 2014 –

Video footage we want many people to see! The world enchanted by Japan’s good old-fashioned wedding ceremony!! Overseas voice “It’s simply beautiful”

The video footage of Japanese traditional culture has enchanted the people across the world.

Oami area, Otari Village, Nagano Prefecture, is a marginal village where 70 percent of people are over 65 years old. A young couple has decided to live there. The beginning of their new life has been filmed. This is a good old-style wedding ceremony in Japan; Friends of the couple decorate for the ceremony, local women cook dishes and men beat a Himekawa drum. The couple walked together through the village.
(Citation from YouTube)

[Japanese Net users’ voices]

“This caused eyes to water.”
“I was really moved by heart-warming ceremony. Everybody, when young, yearned for Western style wedding ceremony. With increasing simplification, human connection has been weakened nowadays. I thought we, including me, should review Japanese tradition.”
“I have never thought that just seeing people genuinely celebrate a wedding of a young couple.”
“A look of female neighbors, the decoration of folded paper, the atmosphere of the entire village made me heartwarming. How wonderful! Have a happy life together!”
“I was overwhelmed by the look of a grandfather looking at his granddaughter clad in wedding attire. Everything was beautiful. I’d like to give applause to the couple.”
“I can’t find any difficult word, but how beautiful white is!”
“Japan … just one word.”

[Overseas Net users’ voices]
“Incredibly beautiful!” (Ukraine)
“What a cute couple!” (Indonesia)
“This is beautiful.” (Britain)
“Simply beautiful…” ‘Peru)
“This is a Japanese-style wedding ceremony, isn’t it? How cool!” (U.S.)
“Splendid! I love Japan and Japanese tradition. Wherever my body is, I feel I’m always in Japan.” (U.S.)
“Beautiful! Japanese tradition is lovely! “ (Singapore)
“How cute!” (Germany)
“Both of the couple seem to be very happy and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this lovely wedding!” (U.S.)
*( ) indicates the country where a poster lives.

A Japan’s good old-fashioned wedding ceremony wedding held in Oami enchants people around the world, too. How do you feel when seeing this footage? I do want as many as possible to see this video, which will help you think about the beauty of Japan and the warmth of human connection.

(Written by Daiichiro Tashiro)

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