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Feb 28, 2014

Unfair NHK Never Broadcasts Nininbaori Performed by Mr. Katsuto Momii

image: Jiji Press
Unfair NHK Never Broadcasts Nininbaori Performed by Mr. Katsuto Momii

I have a hunch that this photo named *‘nininbaori,’ which seizes the perfect moment, will be handed down for generations.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 22, 2014

(Translator’s note) *nininbaori –Helping hands comedy performance; performance in which one person wears a haori on their shoulders, while another person behind them put their arms through the sleeves of the haori and feeds the person in front (JMdict)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Unknown Truth” by Kazuhide Uekusa – February 22, 2014 –

Unfair NHK Never Broadcasts Nininbaori performed by Mr. Katsuto Momii

On February 20, the NHK issue came up for intensive deliberation in a meeting of the Lower House Budget Committee.

Mr. Katsuto Momii, who has assumed the post of the president of NHK, was called into the meeting as a witness and harshly grilled over how NHK broadcasting should be.

Even if asked questions in the Diet, he was not able to answer them in words of his own.

An NHK staff member behind him listened to a question, handed over a manuscript for answer to Mr. Momii and whispered the words written in the manuscript from behind just like a *’sasayaki okami,’ while Mr. Momii answered as told.

(Translator’s note) *sasayaki okami – When a false food labeling by “Senba Kicchau”, a time-honored Japanese restaurant, came to the surface, the executive managing director gave a press interview for apology. When he was at a loss for words, his mother, chairman, told him how to answer questions from behind like a ventriloquist. She has been called “whispering okami.” Okami means a landlady of a restaurant.

Just the sight of him makes every recipient think they don’t want such a man to take the leadership of NHK.

This is called a “scandal.”

The NHK issue is focused on the suspicion that the broadcaster violates the principle of political neutrality, political impartiality, fair and equitable broadcasting.

Ironically enough, the broadcasting parliamentary proceedings by NHK itself violated the fair and equitable broadcasting.

The camerawork plays an important role in TV broadcasting.

When a witness called to testify is grilled and showered core questions on, the witness is usually zoomed in by a camera and his/her closeup image is seen on the screen.

Camera technique of filming a speaker from below is used to create a bad impression on viewers.

A scene where a material was handed over to President Momii from behind and a scene where President Momii looked back at an NHK employee accompanied by him and carefully listened to him whispering were completely trimmed.

This is an act against the fair and equitable broadcasting.

In ordinary summoning of a witness, a camera is pointed at the witness.

NHK camerawork is done with through attention that “Nininbaori” performed by Mr. Katsuto Momii cannot be filmed as much as possible.

President Momii repeated the word “fair and equitable broadcasting” and NHK broadcast the image, which showed the not “fair and equitable” action.

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