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Feb 19, 2014

Reformation of Heavenly World 4 - Ascension of Izanagino-mikoto-sama (2) Serial Photographs of Mt. Fuji

Reformation of Heavenly World 4
– Ascension of Izanagino-mikoto-sama (2) Serial Photographs of Mt. Fuji -
written by Masatoshi Takeshita

I asked Yoshia-kun to take photographs of Mt. Fuji, the goshintai of Izanagino-mikoto-sama, to record his ascension. I have chosen some of them and asked Mr. Muraoka, Unity Design to edit them into a slide-show.
In the show, you will see deities emitting divine light in turn. I’d be happy if you could feel the difference in lights.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 29, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 4

[Serial photographs ] 
Ascension of Izanagino-mikoto-sama (Vibrational Change of his goshintai Mt. Fuji)

Photo No. Number of seconds Deity who emitted divine light
No. 65-71 (30 sec. - 35 sec.) --
No. 72-130 (36 sec. - 1 min.39 sec.) Uetsuoomikami-sama
No. 134-154 (1 min.40 sec. - 2 min.06 sec.) --
No. 155-158 (2 min.07 sec. - 2 min.14 sec.) Seoritsuhime-honoko-sama
No. 159-165 (2 min.15 sec. - 2 min.24 sec.) --
No. 166-211 (2 min.25 sec. - 3 min.29 sec.) Utsushimisuzukumi-sama
No. 212 (3 min.30 sec. -3 min.31 sec.) --
No. 214-216 (3 min.32 sec. -3 min.37 sec.) Hitsukunomiyaumaru-sama
No. 217-218 (3 min.38 sec. -3 min.40 sec.) Subarutaijin-sama
No. 222-224 (3 min.41 sec. -3 min.46 sec.) --

Blank columns in the table are photos without divine light. Photo Nos.72~130, which it actually took 30 minutes to take, depict the light of Uetsu-oomikami-sama. Subsequently, as seen in the table, one deity after another shower light on Izanagino-mikoto-sama by turns. The important point is Mt. Fuji’s vibrational change around 6:30 a.m. when the light of Utsushimisuzukumi-sama is showered. It is known that everybody has his physical vibration go down to the level of Muladhara thirty minutes before death. If Izanagino-mikoto-sama passes away around 7 a.m., his chakras of out-of-the-body and body-surface should fall to the level of Muladhara. This means that Mt. Fuji, his goshintai, which reflects his physical vibration, should also fall to the level of Muladhara. Understanding this, see the above slide-show, and you will see that the vibration of Mt. Fuji suddenly decreases a few minutes after around 6:30 a.m. However, if you focus your consciousness on light, you will see very high vibrational light being showered. You must have completely different senses, depending on focus on light or Mt. Fuji.

Subsequently, for about three minutes (No. 217~218) a strong light of Subarutaijin-sama, Heavenly Emperor of the Pleiades System, is showered and Izanagino-mikoto-sama’s body bursts and he passes away.

The photo after No. 222 shows that Mt. Fuji is no longer the goshintai of Izanagino-mikoto-sama and has the vibration of an ordinary mountain. Since the average vibration of Earth around that time was basically the level of Manipura chakra, the vibration of Mt. Fuji had also the same level of vibration.

To be continued

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