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Feb 18, 2014

Illustration of Tanoshikikokoroutau-himemiko-sama (North Star Polaris, 16 years of age)

(North Star Polaris, 16 years of age)

Illustrated by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi

I have got the name of himemiko-sama (goddess) of North Star Polaris and received her message through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. I’d like to share information with you.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 12, 2014

<Message to Earthlings>

“Dear people of Earth!
I am very happy to learn that many people know about me because North Star can be seen almost everywhere on Earth.

I have been daily watching over changes of Earth.

Earth was a star filled with agony and sadness until just a few years ago.
While feeling distressed to see it, I have continued to wholeheartedly pray for the happiness of Earth and all life on it.

It is just like a miracle!
Earth is now beautifully twinkling like a blue jewel shining light into the darkness!

We starts have been pleased to look at Earth.
This is because deities and brothers in the universe have answered the prayer you gave with a single purpose.
I am afraid that confusion of sort of operation accompanied by pain will continue, but I hope you will endure and get through such ordeal.

Yes, Earth will become a holy star filled with joy and happiness in the future.


<About an episode when she was in the Creator Deity of Love 5th System>

“When I was a child, I learned at the celestial school.
I well remember about Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami-sama.
He was a very kind teacher. And he loved joking and had a sense of humor.
I always laughed.

I enjoyed even a difficult class.
I remember that I sat in the front of the class and tried not to miss a single word while staring at him.

For this reason, I found his class joyous, not painful.
His class helped me find out my true self inside me.
He taught me how to become happy through his own experience.
Therefore, I am very happy still because I can do what makes me happy, what I like or what I want to do.

At that time, I learned about medical treatment, too.
I was very interested especially in what causes mental illness.
My favorite subjects were ice skating, ice dancing, skiing and classical ballet.
I took lessons of piano, violin and viola.
I don’t attend school now because I was reincarnated to North Star.
But I want to be re-enrolled if possible.

<Another story>

Himemiko-sama has often smiled joyfully since I manage to communicate with her for the first time. I asked her what made her so happy.

Editor’s Note) The following is the communication between Himemiko-sama and Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi (“Naka”).

I was so happy! I had been looking forward to this moment.
You must have been surprised at my hairdo, haven’t you?

Naka: “(inner voice) Oh, I wonder why she knew about it? “

You hesitated to draw it many times. (Laughter)

Naka: “You are quite right. You knew that I tried to redraw a hairdo or big ribbon, didn’t you?
Oh, you saw into such thing. (Laughter)”

I love Afro haircut.
I also love extremely big ribbons.
You are stunned at my fashion.
It’s so funny. Oh, I am sorry that I laughed.

Naka: “Oh, please never mind. You are a very cheerful and lively goddess.
You make me happy, too.
Thank you very much.”

Seiko Nakanishi

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