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Feb 3, 2014

Illustration of Sumiwataru-harukekihoshino-himemiko-sama (Star Atlas in the Pleiades, Age of 7) and her message

Illustration of Sumiwataru-harukekihoshino-himemiko-sama
(Star Atlasin the Pleiades, 9 years of age)

Illustrated byMrs. Seiko Nakanishi

Information from Mr.Takeshita Masatoshi:

I’ve got the name of himemiko-sama (goddess) of star Atlas in the Pleiades and received her message through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. I’d like to convey the information from her.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 29, 2014

<Message to Earthling>

“Hello, everybody on Earth!
How are you doing?
We are impressed to see Earth every day!
While seeing Earth looking like a beautifully reborn star, we feel grateful for deities anew with joy.
We are also sending love to Earth.
Please feel our love with your inner ears fully open.
We hope your future will be filled with love, happiness and appreciation.


I asked several questions to her as follows:
(Editor’s note) The following is the conversations between himemiko-sama and Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi (“Naka”).

Naka: “Would you tell me your favorite subjects and hobbies?

“Playing the piano, Hammond organ, flute and violin; singing songs (soprano); classical ballet; tap- dancing; flamenco; horse riding; astrology; energy therapy; botany; French cooking, etc. I’m learning them here in this school.”

Naka: “Are you forced to study the subjects you don’t like as required subjects over there in the celestial school?”

“I enjoy learning because I can choose my favorite subjects and are fully engaged in studying them.

Naka: “I have heard from Mr. Takeshita that you have become a student of the celestial school. Would you mind letting me know how it happened?”

“The other day, Sumuwataru-umashihosino-himemiko-sama (Star Merope in the Pleiades) invited me to make a school tour to the celestial school with her. I became fond of the school at first glance. Then I took an entrance examination and interview, and I was allowed to enter the school. We were so happy and jumped with joy.”

Naka: “Congratulations!”
Lastly, would you let me know how you like the illustration of you I drew?
Would you be honest with me? It would be very helpful to know.”

“Everything about the illustration is a lot like me.
Especially, the face is exactly like mine.
I was very surprised to see the hairdo and dress with feather, because it is my favorite dress.
I wear a tiara like this.
Thank you very much for drawing a wonderful illustration for me.”

Naka: “You are welcome! I am so happy. I appreciate you telling me that.”

Himemiko-sama’s response to a question from a reader:

Q: It is said that evolutionary levels are described as, for example, Ajna on human level, Anahata on animal level or Anahata on plant level. I wonder on what timing animals or plants in the heavenly world become humans.

Evolutionary system in the heavenly world is slightly different from that on Earth.
Plants become fairies when they reach the divine-level Ajna chakra or higher.
Fairies become humans when they reach the divine-level Sahasrara chakra or higher.
Animals become humans when they reach the divine-level Sahasrara chakra or higher.
On the other hand, on earth,
Plants become animals when they reach the divine-level Sahasrara chakra or higher.
However, exceptionally, in some cases, plants become fairies and then humans.
Animals become humans when they reach the animal-level Sahasrara chakra or higher.

(Seiko Nakanishi)

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