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Feb 15, 2014

Huge UFOs Caught in Sky of Egypt (Video) –SaLuSa and His Company

Huge UFOs Caught in Sky of Egypt (Video)
 –SaLuSa and His Company-

These are UFOs SaLuSa and his friends go on board. Two UFOs are caught at around 4 second; SaLuSa goes on board one of the two, part of which appears on the right side of the screen and disappears on the same side.
The first contact with humans, which was slated for around 2025 a little while ago, is schedule to be made on January 1, 2017, well ahead of schedule. They are preparing for the event on the date. Although there is a possibility that the event will fall behind schedule, I think they have been making all-out efforts to have humans recognize the existence of UFOs and aliens and not to make us wage World War III.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 8, 2014

English translation of an excerpt from the Japanese version of The Voice of Russia – February 7, 2014 –

Huge UFOs Caught in Sky of Egypt (Video)

Hurghada, a tourist spot in Egypt, seems to significantly interest extraterrestrial civilization. On Sunday, giant UFOs were spotted in the sky above the town.

Big flying objects, which were silently flying from the coastal area toward the mountains, were captured on cameras or videos. According to the Environment Ministry, however, they appeared as if old satellites had fallen into the desert or bright stars were approaching the earth.

Tourists and local residents, who do not support such opinion, are making heated discussions about the UFOs. Although a model bomb was found at a hospital in the town, it was completely forgotten by this UFO uproar. Presumably, the model bomb was left behind by somebody to cause a panic.

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