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Feb 7, 2014

He has no power to affect national politics. – Election to Test Future Direction of Japan –

He has no power to affect national politics. 
– Election to Test Future Direction of Japan –

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Motozawa. As he says, regrettably, Mr. Utsunomiya has no political power and “he has no power to affect national politics.” The coming election is not simply a gubernatorial election but an election to test the future direction of Japan. Under the present situation where the population is excessively concentrated in Tokyo, I am afraid that most of public opinion is represented by Tokyo residents.

I think many earthlings have paid so much attention to their own profit and loss that they have lacked in comprehensive perspective. However, the March 11 casualty have awakened the people to the truth that such self-centered way of thinking or consciousness will lead to the collapse of the world. Since the start of 2014, a big shift has been seen in human consciousness; they have become aware that prioritizing the interests of the entire humanity and entire earth over individual profit and loss will result in individual interest. It is very important to see things from a wider perspective.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 3, 2014

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Media Association” Club Bulletin – February 3, 2014 –

<Significance of Tokyo gubernatorial election>

The voting day for Tokyo Metropolitan gubernatorial election is next Sunday (February 9). This election is an opportunity for electorate to cast a politically important vote. It is not simply a local governmental election. It is an opportunity to not only change national politics but reform national politics. The coalition government of LDP led by Abe and Komei, which has forcibly implemented policies, contrary to public promises, one after another, is the very dictatorship. Tokyo residents and the people of Japan have a responsibility to choose as Tokyo governor a person who can put a brake on the government. This is a very important election in this sense.

<National Politics-Level Election>

The other day I asked several Tokyo residents about what they thought about the election. I was surprised to learn that they didn’t recognize that their voting would have serious and important meaning. This is due to a problem with the press has reported a biased coverage of the election by trivializing the problem. Proper political comments have not been made.
The coverage seems to indicate the intention of the government and the financial world, which is to make this opportunity pass away by keeping Tokyo residents ignorant.

This is an important election for Japanese to choose this important turning point: whether we will promote Japanese economy, showing the dark side of a sharp depreciation of the yen caused by printing paper money of yen; whether we will follow diplomacy isolated by Abe’s visit to Yasukuni Shrine; whether we will militarize Japanese economics by exporting nuclear power (nuclear power stations) and weapons; or whether we will make Japan a country of peace and friendship as well as a country of 21st century-type advanced energy, which can create a new industry by containing nuclear power (nuclear power plants) and switching over to natural energy.

<Selection of Governor to Change National Politics>

Never make the election a Tokyo residents-level one. It should be a chance to caste a clean vote from a broad perspective. Looking at the policy pledges, for example, a lawyer, former NHK employee, definitely right, but he has no power to affect national politics.

By all means we have to make this the election which will give a low to the ultra-rightist politics led by the Abe cabinet. We will reform the Abe political line by choosing a candidate who can do so. One vote should be cast to achieve this goal. Since Okinawa fought it out to achieve a goal, why not in Tokyo?
This is one chance in million for Asia and the world, too. This is an unexpected result of the Tokushukai incident. If Tokyo residents make effective use of it, it is possible to save Japan from becoming a global orphan. You can tell who the person is by looking at the pledge of each candidate.

<LDP/Komei if you are content with Abe politics>

To be honest, if you highly evaluate this ultra-rightist politics, you can vote for a candidate recommended by LDP/Komei. Neighboring countries are watching this election with great interest.

The media, which is said to be fair and impartial, won’t report any allegation of money scandals of a candidate fielded by LDP/Komei or seek a comment from him. Why? Are they going to approve a second Inose ?
His private life surprises us. I wonder if it is all right to pass over the allegations.

<Coalition of Hokokawa and Koizumi if you say NO>

If you expect a constructive reform of Japanese politics, needless to say, Hosokawa should be chosen. He has political power with which he can abolish nuclear power generation and stop exporting nuclear reactors in direct opposition to the zaibatsu conglomerates and Nuclear Power Village.

He will establish a 21-century type acceptable economic structure and send messages to neighboring countries from Tokyo to normalize the relations with them, which will drive the Abe cabinet into the corner. He will be able to stop Japan from being isolated. He can push through reorganizing the political world with his strong connections to liberals and close in the ultra-right politics with them. This is what this writer wants to be realized. Looking straight at Japan’s current situation, this is the favorable result of the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

<NO against Constitutional Revision and Military expansion by Abe>

It is not acceptable to make Japan a country of exporting nuclear power (nuclear power plants) and weapons. We should never make Japan a country which is allowed to exercise the right to collective defense and wage a war. We should never Japan a country which will terrorize the world and Asia. We Japanese have the responsibility and obligation to produce the same achievements as Okinawa residents did, in Tokyo too. We should never bow down to any unreliable opinion polls.
We still have one more week. Why don’t we cheer for the reformist candidate for Tokyo governor? When seeing him working his old bones hard, I am impressed with him very much. We should not choose an epigon of Ishihara or Inose. We should never deteriorate the metropolitan government with vested-interest produced by Olympic Games.
We should never miss a chance to give a blow of revolution to Nagata-cho, Kasumigaseki and Otemachi with sound metropolitan government.

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