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Feb 17, 2014

Correct Evaluation of Tokyo Gubernatorial Election This Time (Naoto Amaki)

Correct Evaluation of Tokyo Gubernatorial Election This Time
(Naoto Amaki)

I agree with the insight of Mr. Amaki. Please refer to an article entitled “Let’s start counterattack today” by Mr. Takashi Hirose. I am very encouraged by the messages and actions of such people with good sense.

I have told that the Abe administration, which had followed the instructions of the world elite, has rebelled against them with the start of a new year 2014. As you will learn from an article Hacchi-san introduced yesterday, Prime Minister Abe aims to restart nuclear reactors.

As I have reported so far, however, restart is impossible. It appears that the Japan’s zaibatsu conglomerates don’t understand that the Nathaniel camp strongly supported by deities has easily defeated David Rockefeller, who was called the Global Emperor. I think it is apparent that they would have a much harder time if they act against the will of deities.

I have given this sort of advice because I examine from moment to moment who or what kind of person is scheduled to be destroyed. The Bush/Nazi camp is originally too foolish to listen to such advice. It turns out, therefore, that those who side with them will be destroyed along with them in accordance with the will of the universe. Given their miserable end, I feel painful but regrettably, they get what they serve. That’s all I can say. In a word, there are many people who won’t listen to any advice however often I give it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 10, 2014

English translation of a Japanese article: BLOG OF AMAKI NAOTO – February 10, 2014 –

Correct Evaluation of Tokyo Gubernatorial Election This Time

The Tokyo gubernatorial election this time had a script under which the Abe LDP administration plotted to have Governor Inose resign and replace with him a governor favorable to them to carry out the Tokyo Olympic Games as they please.

This was the worst election that lacked a sense of excitement without influential candidates among the opposition parties.

However, with the appearance of a coalition of former prime ministers Hosokawa and Koizumi, who opposed to the Abe administration, the election suddenly became interesting.

If the Koizumi theater is opened and Hosokawa is elected a new prime minister, undoubtedly the political situation is likely to shake national politics.

That’s why the Abe LDP administration was driven by a sense of crisis it had never experienced.

They colluded with major media to try to crush Hosokawa/Koizumi in a blatant and unusual way.

At first, they tried to hoot over the former Prime Minister Hosokawa’s past political fund scandal. After finding it insufficient, they made an about-turn and rushed to have the public uninformed about Hosokawa/Koizumi.

However, if anti-nuclear voters had been encouraged to move by former Prime Minister Koizumi who honestly repented, saying “The March 11 disaster made me, an advocate for nuclear power, recognize I was wrong” and repeatedly declared anti-nuclear generation, the Koizumi theater would have been likely to be opened.

However, the anti-nuclear voters were not been able to be unified and what is even worse, they kept on standing in the way of each other.

In this way, rebel forces of Hosokawa/Koizumi failed. I strongly believe, however, that Japan will initiate a full-fledged political movement toward anti-nuclear power.

There is a very obvious reason.

Many Tokyo residents who wished for anti-nuclear generation supported the coalition of Hosokawa/Koizumi.

As long as so-called leftists lead the politics, anti-nuclear generation is never realized.

It would not develop into a national movement until influential people among the power elite in the past such as former prime ministers Hosokawa and Koizumi, who can oppose to vast authority promoting nuclear power generation.

Both former prime ministers Hosokawa and Koizumi have real intention to stop nuclear power generation.

Anti-nuclear movement will increasingly show its righteousness.

This is because various problems of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident will become more serious without radiation-contaminated water under control.

The Abe/LDP government and their bureaucrats cannot cope with them.

The problem will even threaten not to open the Tokyo Olympic Games.

It is just a matter of time before fundamental review of our country’s nuclear power policy becomes an unavoidable problem.

Only then the political movement posed by both of former prime ministers Hosokawa and Koizumi can create a new anti-nuclear party, which will demand the Abe/LDP government to change power.

We should consider that the defeat in the election of the Hosokawa/Koizumi coalition will be the starting point toward anti-nuclear country for Japan.

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