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Feb 24, 2014

Abe Looks Pale / Ota Is a Second Yano / Masuzoe Is a Second Inose / Central Figure in Tokushukai Incident – Shintaro Ishihara and Tokyo District Special Investigators

from left: Abe, Ota (NKP), Masuzoue, Ishihara
images from some sources

Abe Looks Pale  / Ota Is a Second Yano 
/ Masuzoe Is a Second Inose / Central Figure in Tokushukai Incident 
– Shintaro Ishihara and Tokyo District Special Investigators -

Reading this article, you will understand that those involved in evil have undoubtedly been driven into the corner. I am sure that Ishihara and his two children, who are leading a piggy life at the cost of taxpayer money, cannot come off without a hitch.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 16, 2014

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Media Association” Club Bulletin - February 16, 2014 –

<Abe Looks Pale>

The moment Abe’s shadow became the face of NHK, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Kennedy refused to have an interview with NHK. The broadcaster representing Japan was refused by Washington. We have never heard of it. The U.S. government has decisively responded against crazy Abe and crazy NHK.

The Abe cabinet has been abandoned by not only Soul and Peking but Washington. This situation is called “Shimensoka” in China (being surrounded by enemies on all sides).

Yesterday I got information from sources close to the prime minister’s office, at home. It says that “Abe looks pale.” It appears that tight political calendar has aggravated his chronic disease. According to the sources, the worse he has got, the more energetic his aides Aso and Ishiba have become. After returning from Sochi, the Budget Committee in the Diet seems to become physically a burden to him. On top of that, isolation from the international community has shuttered his spirit into pieces.

However, his aides call on him to have a conversation with a gold medalist to maintain Abe’s popularity by having him show a broadcasting of the Olympic Games at midnight. It seems to bring about relief to them because there has been only one gold medalist so far.

<Ota Is a Second Yano>

It is said that Ota of New Komeito has been fired by *Shinanomachi because he rushed forward the passage of Peace Preservation Law by force and exercise of right of collective defense.

(Translator’s note) * Shinanomachi – location of Soka Gakkai

Yesterday, informed sources sent me an old e-mail, which reads that Ota has already been “fired.” Ota worked as a key player in establishing the Secrets Protection Law, which confirms the explanation of “revenge against Shinanomachi.” This means that obviously Yamaguchi, the leader of New Komei, is destined to live only during this term. Their sin is serious. It can safely be said that the entre New Komei has been engulfed in a swirl of corruption.

How about the right of collective defense? Ota clearly stated that he answered in the affirmative in the Diet, which has caused another controversy.

Informed sources let me know that “Ikeda abandoned Ota a long time ago. Therefore, Ikeda threw him to New Komei. He never allowed Ota to run as a candidate in the proportional representation constituency, which resulted in having him not elected. This time M had intervened in having Ota run and M has been accused of being responsible for it. M is an adviser of Soka Gakkai religious group and Ota’s senior.” This is a convincing explanation.

<Masuzoe Is a Second Inose>

Tokyo Governor Masuzoe suspected of illegal use of political subsidies of 250 million yen has been in the news. The Nikkan Gendai covered it as a piece of news and the news has been spread on the Internet. Masuzoe seems to have taken halfway measures, giving an excuse that “I left everything to Arai, Shintokaikaku.”

It turns out that the Tokyo governor, who cannot tell the truth, has virtually admitted the 250 million yen allegation. If it is a groundless allegation, he can fulfill accountability about it. However, he was not able to do. This is far from the suspicion level of Inose, and it is likely to result in an incident.

He will be indicted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and the Prosecutors. Unless his accepting it, the opposition parties will push the investigators to the edge in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and the Diet. He cannot succeed in escaping. With the people will reach a peak of distrust in politics at the start of 8 percent of consumption tax increase.

According to sources close to the prime minister’s office, “Masuzoe is a A-class war criminal who quickly defected from the LDP when Abe gave up the government in his first time. Abe holds a grudge against him. On the other hand, Ishiba, who has lost his chance by being driven away to the prime minister’s office, has been in high spirits due to the election of Masuzoe, thinking “You see that?” Abe and Ishiba will keep on fierce battles .”

<Central Figure in Tokushukai Incident – Shintaro Ishihara and Tokyo District Special Investigators>

This blog was quick to report the Tokushukai incident and encouraged the prosecutors to question the central figure. So we pay attention to questioning the central figure by the Tokyo District Special Investigators. An insider gets infuriated at the Prosecutors, saying “They won’t begin questioning Ishihara. It’s unforgivable.”

I hope that it is not true, but Ishihara’s strategy of cozying up to Abe might work well. If it is true, the public will increase their distrust in the Prosecutors. Looking back to the past, the Prosecutors always chase after small fires alone in rotten investigations and blow their own trumpet by saying they make big achievements.

One family produces three Diet members, including the individual. This is an unprecedented case. Even the famous Nakasono have two Diet members. Tokyo residents don’t wonder at the fact that three family members are leading a piggy life at the cost of taxpayer money. I wonder if there is such democracy.” A friend of this writer, a former secretary to the Fukuda group, laments over it.

I’d like to pay particular attention to the next step that Minister of Justice Tanigaki, who is obsessed with executions, and the prosecutor-general (I don’t know the name) will take.

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