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Jan 4, 2014

Children’s mind undermined by War games – It is feared that war games will lead to strengthening egocentrism, bullying and school absenteeism and spreading Internet addiction. “It is apparent that games are very dangerous to children.”

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Children’s mind undermined by War games 
– It is feared that war games will lead to strengthening egocentrism, bullying and school absenteeism and spreading Internet addiction.   -
 “It is apparent that games are very dangerous to children.”

It is apparent that games are very dangerous. There is nothing to argue about it. My opinion is that those who cannot understand this level of subject unless they are provided every proof or data are mentally ill. Some sorts of drugs destroy children’s mind. I am very surprised to learn that there are so many parents who easily give such dangerous games to children. Parents only have to give such games to children to have them play alone. If they abandon to confront their children in person, however, they will get paid back for it soon.

I have never had our child watch dramas on TV at home. Seeing movies is out of the question. Pictures depict too much violence. When he was in the ninth grade, my son saw a movie “Harry Potter” for the first time on a bus during a school excursion. Asked about how he liked, he said: “I felt sick and uncomfortable.” He also went to the Tokyo Disney Land and seemed to enjoy it very much. Asked again about it when he came home, he answered “It is a very interesting place. I think it is worth going once but I don’t think I have to go there any longer.” 
According to him, some classmates reaffirmed what a beautiful place they were living in when they came back to Fukutomi. In this sense, it might be instructive to see a big city like a drain once. I think the children in Fukutomi normally responded. I am afraid that once the brain is damaged by games, children cannot make a proper decision.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 21, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Saihate Notepad Imagine & Think – November 6, 2013 –

Children’s mind undermined by War games – It is feared that war games will lead to strengthening egocentrism, bullying and school absenteeism and spreading Internet addiction.

The Chosyu Shimbun dated November 6, 2013

Parents and teachers are concerned about the spread of “Internet addiction” among junior and senior high school students, who are too obsessed by chats, LINE* or online games by means of cell phones, smartphones, game machines or PCs to have a talk with parents or help out with them. These things have fanned self-centered thinking, in which the other is attacked or eliminated in a virtual world beyond the reach of adults unless he/she is controlled as they want.

*(Note) LINE – mail application for free call

A father bought a smartphone for his daughter, a high school junior. According to him, she was obsessed by LINE and unable to take her eyes off it out of fear that she might be ostracized unless sending back. Since she got paler and lost her appetite day by day, the father finally grabbed the smartphone away from her. It turned out that she had eventually made communication, which cost 800,000 yen in a month.

Killing each other in a real battlefield Connection with the unknown

Another mother was worried about her junior high school son. She found out that he gradually changed in the expression of his eyes as well as in countenance, didn’t smile and less frequently answered her though spoken to. Later she discovered that he had been obsessed by a war game and stayed up until after midnight to play it. She knew the cause and grabbed the game away from him. She confessed that she had a hand-to-hand fight with him because she tried to turn off power and grab it away from him. She criticized by saying “Cell phones sales companies, game companies and LINE operation companies have accumulated profits at the sacrifice of children. I think there are many companies which have not fulfilled their responsibilities to the society.”

There is one of video games popular among junior and senior high school students and adults, “Call of Duty.” This game is developed by an American game company.

It is characterized by depiction of battlefield seen from the viewpoint of a soldier. A child, a player, plays the game as if he were a solider in battlefield.

Only a soldier cannot win the battle and has to fight in cooperation with other allies. In a word, the player kills the enemy with somebody connected on the Internet, with whom he communicates. All ally soldiers appearing on the game are given names and their names and ranks are confirmed by taking a sight on them during a game.

In many works, a main character has to plunge into a battlefield as a budding solder and fight in one place after another in accordance with a story. The player sees in front of his eyes vivid images as if in a battlefield – when the player goes to a specific point, a group of foes appear; bombers launch an air raid from the above; an enemy soldier who lost one half of the body due to a bomb blast cries out, etc. And the self-pride of a soldier, “to die without losing patriotism at the end” is depicted.

And the game is structured in which with the progress of a game, the player has to buy a new right and weapon. The player actually has to pay money. A certain adult says “I spent 100,000 yen to buy weapons.” IT companies make money in this way.

A certain mother who saw the game said: “Since goose-pump real images are seen, just the thought of children playing such a game makes me shiver. There are cases of murder committed as though it were a game. I think that this can happen to me, too.

Parents and teachers, let’s unite in launching a campaign to control games.

In the United States during the past decade, the government has carried out the national achievement test to rank students and schools on marks. They have recruited low-performing students born to poverty to dispatch them to Iraq or Afghanistan. They place an emphasis on having young people accustomed to war games since childhood in order to train them for killer soldiers.

In 2002 the United States Army developed a series of video game to fight with terrorists “America’s Army” at government expense. The game can be downloaded for free with registration of individual information such as name, address, etc. (more than ten million people have registered) to utilize it as a means to recruit prospective soldiers.

The U.S. has been criticized for indiscriminately killing civilians in Pakistan and Yemen with drones. The company which develops drones has changed the cockpit controller design into the same design of the game machine. The purpose of design change is to have the young soldier master the technique in a short period of time and have them commit murder in cold blood without guilty feeling by moving only fingers like dancing while seeing the monitor screen.

The problem is that IT companies, game companies and LINE operating companies are exploiting the young to make profits, while the government/the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology does not impose any restrictions from an educational standpoint, allows them to prevail, and creates the young who will become cold-blooded killers, intentionally as a policy.

It is important for parents and teachers to develop critical ability against the antisocial media for the proper growth of children as humans and the future of peaceful Japan and to unite in launching a campaign against them. At the same time, it is important to have children develop such pure spirituality that they never yield to such adverse environment, have compassion for others and fight against anything wrong.

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