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Dec 10, 2013

“Secret Protection Law” Passed Diet Breakthrough Not Realized – Importance of Sensitivity and Biggest Factor to Restrain it –

“Secret Protection Law” Passed Diet Breakthrough Not Realized
– Importance of Sensitivity and Biggest Factor to Restrain it –

There is a phrase in the article: “We just want to protect children.” I feel that most people do the right thing thanks to this wish.

Secret Protection Law, radioactivity, electromagnetic waves, vaccination, food additives, genetically-modified food – from the viewpoint of protection of children, we have to be careful about every single of them. However, very few people specifically put their ideas into action. This is because, I think, they cannot actually be driven by a sense of crisis. First, since they don’t know the dangerousness, many people gain information mostly from the advertisement of media or government’s propaganda. It is hardly possible that big corporations which make enough money to advertise provide information unfavorable to their products. So such dangerousness never reaches their ears. Secondly, ordinary people are of good character and do not realize that most people give priority to making money, ignoring a slight possibility to cause damage on the environment or health. For this reason, they do not realize that there are scarcely decent commercial products in this world. You cannot know the truth only with automatically provided information. You cannot see the truth unless you independently go out and collect information.

I think the underlying cause of such matters is poor sensitivity. With high sensitivity, you will naturally realize what is right. For example, when you pick up a tofu made from genetically-modified soybean, you get tensed up, compared with a tofu properly made without such ingredient. It is very important to have such sense of body refusal and we should not have values that restrain such sensitivity. The biggest cause is probably education, I think,

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 7, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Ryusaku Tanaka Journal – December 7, 2013 –

“Secret Protection Law” Passed Diet Breakthrough Not Realized

A mother spoke: “I have taken my daughter to have her imprint the moment to leave a blot in Japanese history.
=December 6 around 11:20 p.m. in front of the gate of the Diet building Photograph: Ryusaku Tanaka =

December 6 has become the day when a top of history has started spinning reversely.

If a peace preservation bill of Heisei is passed into law, it is enforced within one year. It is at risk of depriving us of public right to know or right of freedom to expression. People who got together around the Diet building are filled with a sense of crisis.

Demonstrators, who stand face to face with the police, are prevented from moving forward by iron fence and a picket line of the police. = around 9:15 p.m. Photograph: Rodhi Shimazaki =

Policemen in uniform doubly or triply set up a picket to prevent demonstrators from moving forward. In front of the gate of the Diet building, riot police wagons were tightly lined up. Demonstrators who tried to move forward scuffled with the police for a while. “Absolute opposition to forcible passage!” echoed shout.

A man spoke to each of policemen standing in line. “Do you have a child?” “We just want to protect children.”

At 11:23 p.m. when there was a report that a “State Secrets Protection Bill” was passed in the Upper House, Demonstrators in front of the Diet building howled in rage “WO!”

A mother and her daughter who came from Nerima ward had tears in their eyes. “I have thought that politics is for us people. But politics has abandoned the people,” the daughter spoke, looking gravely at the Diet building.

“We have completely depended on democracy and have not taken care of it. This is the result,” the mother appropriately said.

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