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Dec 18, 2013

Almost all current information based on channeling has its origin in theosophy.

Almost all current information based on channeling has its origin in theosophy.

As seen in this article, almost all current information based on channeling has its origin in theosophy. However, no one can correctly understand theosophy itself on the earth. To be frank, even H. P. Blavatsky, the founder of modern theosophy, hardly understood what theosophy is all about because she just took dictation of what Masters said.

The problem is that nobody can understand theosophy because Masters never understood what the Stanza is all about. The meaning of the Stanza given to the Hierarchy by Sanaka was not quite clear to Masters.
I am going to give a detailed explanation of the meaning of the Stanza in the 

Secret Doctrine in the intermediate course of video lecture on religion. This lecture will be given sometime later. I’m preparing for it.

By the way, I have often explained that Sanat Kumara is Lucifer. It is clearly understood in this article. What is written in this article is exactly right. However, most novice theosophy believers have no rudimentary knowledge of it.
I’d like to say in conclusion that the Masters Blavatsky worked for are exactly the leaders of many aliens who have come to the earth for help on board UFOs with Maitreya at the top. I think “celestial army led by Maitreya” is the perfect expression.

What many good aliens didn’t know is that all their leader Masters or Ascended Masters (Masters who have taken the sixth initiation) were reptilians.
At present reptilians have been destroyed and aliens who worked for reptilians have finally realized that they had been deceived. The same thing has happened as on the earth where U.S. military personnel have realized that they had been deceived by their bad leaders (government officials).

We have to closely examine channeled information with a thorough understanding of these things.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 10, 2013

Excerpt from a Japanese article: I’m Kimagure (whim) – December 9, 2013 –

Original text: David Livingstone


Although most recently popularized by David Icke, the notions of the connection of a worldwide conspiracy orchestrated by Reptilian beings, like the UFO mythos itself, has its origins in Theosophy, the occult tradition founded by H. P. Blavatsky, godmother of the New Age movement, and pre-eminent personality of the Occult Revival of the late nineteenth century.

Essentially, Icke, like other conspiracy researchers such as Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, and Acharya S, is an ardent critic of the Illuminati, but presents the myriad speculations of Theosophy as the truth being suppressed. All his main teachings are Theosophical, and therefore identical to those of the Illuminati, which is he is purportedly denouncing.

As revealed in another excellent documentary by Chris White, called David Icke Debunked, Icke claims to be imparted with insights from a spiritual entity named Rakorski, *(Kimagure: Transcription of the documentary is available on Chris White. This is written on the page 34 of Love Changes Everything written by Icke in 1992) who he also identifies with the name St. Germain, a notorious charlatan who was a key occult figure of the late eighteenth century, and regarded as a spiritual master of Freemasonry.

Rakorski is none other than the Master Rakoczi of Alice Bailey, Blavatskys leading representative in the twentieth century, whose channeled information not only shaped much of the New Age, but guide many of the programs of the United Nations, which is seen to be the seat of World Government awaited with the coming of the Age of Aquarius. To Baily, Rakoczi is one of the Ascended Masters of Theosophy, the Lord of Civilization, whose task is the establishment of the new civilization of the Age of Aquarius. Icke calls Rakorski the Lord of All Creation, saying that he is directly responsible for the changes the earth will undergo. *(Kimagure: According to White, this is written on the page 4 of Love Changes Everything written by Icke in 1992).

The concept of making contact with extra-terrestrial beings begins with the Occult Revival, when it became popular to conduct séances to make contact with lost relatives or long-gone famous personalities. Blavatsky contributed to this trend by claiming to be in contact with a beings she called Ascended Masters, who resided in the mystical city of Shambhala of Buddhist legend, led by Sanat Kumara, as King of the World, which she identified with Lucifer and the Fallen Angels. Alice A. Bailey believed that Sanat Kumara came to Earth 18,500,000 years ago from the etheric plane of the planet Venus, accompanied by 30 Lords of the Flame.

*Comment by “Kimagure”
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