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Dec 11, 2013

What Abe is going to do and Shigeru Ishiba’s Role Aspiring to the Position as Next Prime Minister

(photo: Japantimes)
What Abe is going to do and Shigeru Ishiba’s Role Aspiring to the Position as Next Prime Minister

I have almost the same opinion as this writer. Particularly what Abe is going to do is to make the entire Japan sweatshops, which is written in this article. It seems to me that he thinks of sending the Self Defense Forces as security forces to Africa, Myanmar and other countries to protect big companies which invested overseas but does not think of a war with China.

I think that he is managing the government so as not to incur the elite’s displeasure with the aim of taking charge of a long-stand government for the next three years. Therefore, it is natural to think that the next prime minister will play the role of engaging in warfare with China and Shigeru Ishiba is promised to hold a position as prime minister in return for it. Seen in this light, it is Ishiba that is the central figure involved in the secrecy protection law. However, I have an opinion that differs from this article: the Abe administration does not probably think of resuming nuclear power plant operation, which is different from the original plan. I’d like to explain about this in a coming article.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 7, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: richardkoshimizu’s blog – December 7, 2013 –

A Good Wind Blows.

The Abe administration which made a debut as the result of election rigging has aggressively pushed a number of policies the public don’t want one after another, making use of the “number” of the members of the ruling coalition party of LDP and New Komeito, who were illegally elected, as its advantage.

An extremely extraordinary hawkish policy they applied has awakened the people. Yesterday I heard a remark of a person ranked B.

“I wonder what Abe is going to do with a State Secrets Protection bill. Everything he does is ridiculous. His support rate will definitely drop to 30 percent. Next year he will be fired.”

Jews behind Abe rushed to push themselves hard. I wonder if they might have been scared of our attacks in a trial to grill them in election fraud. Being driven into a corner, they seem to force through everything before B-ranked people realize the “election fraud.”

The more they push themselves, the more people have been awakened. I feel a good wind blow. “To investigate election fraud” is a key to eradicate the underground community.

December 7, 2013 00:22

What Prime Minister Ahe* is going to do from now on are: full-scale resumption of nuclear power plant operation, participation in TPP, liberation of fiancé and farming, big consumption tax hikes, postage cost gouging, voluntary conveyance of the whole pension to Jewish financial institutions, exercise of the right to collective-self-defense, establishment of defense force, review of three principles on arms exports, building of magnetic levitated trains, opening of Tokyo Olympic Games, bidding for FIFA World Cup, lowering food safety standards, deteriorating the medical insurance system to the level of the U.S., and lifting the ban on casino. A secrets protection bill and Japanese version of NSC serve to blaze a trail to get there. If they succeed, the entire Japan will become sweat factories!

We have no need to have casinos in Japan.

*Prime Minister Ahe – expression to make a mockery of “Abe”

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