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Dec 14, 2013

Mr. Eda to Form a New Party & to Submit a Notice of Resignation from Party Breakup of Your Party -- Harbinger of Anti-Nuclear Power Generation Party Led by Former Prime Minister Koizumi

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Mr. Eda to Form a New Party & to Submit a Notice of Resignation from Party  Breakup of Your Party 
Harbinger of Anti-Nuclear Power Generation Party Led by Former Prime Minister Koizumi

I made a comment on an article dated November 22 that it is likely that “with a mounting public criticism against the bill, Your Party and Japan Restoration Party will oppose a secret protection bill.” Although they subsequently voted in favor of the bill, with a mounting public criticism against it, they walked out to abstain from voting in the Upper House. I made another comment that “we will see the leaders of Your Party and Japan Restoration Party alter their facial expression soon.” Reading this article, you will understand that just such situation has exactly happened. The second article was written in July this year. I don’t think that a movement mentioned in this article is seen at present. Reading this article, it appears that Toru Hashimoto and Seiji Maehara will get involved in a new party which Mr. Kenji Eda is going to form. However, I can sense that this will not happen. I feel that a movement to form a new party by Hosono, Eda and Matsuno is a harbinger of an anti-nuclear power generation party led by former Prime Minister Koizumi, about which I wrote the other day, and they will join the party in time.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 8, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Tokyo Shimbun – December 8, 2013 –

Mr. Kenji Eda

Mr. Kenji Eda, former secretary general of Your Party, has decided to submit a written notice of resignation from the party on 9 and form a new party before the end of the year. A number of diet members belonging to the party are expected to get into line with him and breakup of the party is decided.

A person involved in the party said: “It is certain that more than ten people get into line with Mr. Eda.

Party leader Yoshimi Watanabe gave a warning to Mr. Eda, who moves ahead with a plan to form a new party, saying “It is an antiparty action to prepare for forming a new party.” However, Mr. Eda won’t obey him and openly criticized Mr. Watanabe who had made a modified agreement with the ruling parties in dealing with a state secret protection bill, which Mr. Watanabe took the initiative in. Mr. Eda walked out to show opposition to the party’s policy approving of the bill when the bill was brought to a vote in the Upper House.

Mr. Eda has a plan to create a study group with Mr. Tsuyoshi Hosono, former DPJ secretary general, and Mr. Yorihisa Matsuno, Diet Representation secretary general with Japan Restoration Party on 10. A total of eight lawmakers including Mr. Eda took part in a preparatory meeting in late November.

On 7, Mr. Watanabe told reporters in Tokyo that he was even to ready to break up the party to “stick to the policy to exclude dissidents from the party” because Mr. Eda seemed to solicit party members to join a new party.

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: kojitaken’s Diary – July 25, 2013 –

Mr. Hashimoto Intends to Break up Reformation Party and Form a New Party with Mr. Maehara

In response to the results of the Upper House election, Toru Hashimoto, leader of Japan Restoration Party, 44, had an interview in a ballot-counting place set up at a hotel in Osaka.

Mr. Hashimoto appealed for the need to create a new party, which is not Your Party or Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). According to him, a key person of the new party is Seiji Mehara, former leader of DPJ, 51.

Mr. Hashimoto tamely accepted defeat in regard to the election results, saying “It isn’t a victory. I cannot proudly boast of the results as leader.” Contrary to the words, however, he didn’t look somber at all.

“There has already been a movement toward forming a new party,” a person concerned revealed. Mr. Hashimoto himself flatly stated “It is good thing for the country to create forces capable of competing with the LDP. The Restoration Party is a step toward it? I originally organized the party with such intention.

According to him, a lineup of a new party has been almost determined. The above-mentioned person says: “The most important person is Mr. Maehara. He has such good relationship with Mr. Hashimoto that he often gets in contact with him.

He has no impediment to joining with him.” Participation of Mr. Mehara, who has a certain number of supporters in Kyoto, will have great effect. The Restoration Party has gained a seat thanks to Mr. Takayuki Shimizu, a fresh recruit and former announcer with Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, who beat a DPJ incumbent lawmaker in the Kyoto constituency battling over two seats for re-election. Mr. Toru Azuma, General Council Chairman of the Restoration Party, revealed his strength and won the election at the top in Osaka constituency battling over five seats for re-election

The person explained the reason, saying “If Mr. Maehara can unify Kyoto, the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area will be as firm as a rock. That would make us increase our voice in a nation-level policy such as a wide-area local government system. Furthermore, if Mr. Maehara, who served as DPJ leader, joins a new party Mr. Hashimoto is going to form, the party will provide a sense of togetherness with a great force competing with LDP.”

According to him, Secretary General of Your Party Kenji Eda, 57, is also likely to join the party.

It can be said that breakup with Co-leader Shintaro Ishihara, 80, and Mr. Antonio Inoki is an established policy. Will forces of resistance to LDP, which won big, be created mainly by Mr. Hashimoto and Mr. Maehara?

(Tokyo Sorts July 23, 2013 11:00)

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