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Nov 25, 2013

“I Didn’t Have Cosmetic Surgery” Ukraine’s 2nd Real-Life Barbie Girl Appears!

I was very surprised to see this video. It appears that this girl is what she is and had no cosmetic surgery. I can immediately tell if a person had extensive cosmetic surgery, though I’m not sure about a little nip and tuck. I’m going to post an article in which I’ll explain about the difference between a person who had cosmetic surgery and a person who did not. If you get accustomed to seeing, you will immediately see it. I can clearly see that this woman didn’t have extensive cosmetic surgery.
When seeing this girl, I have found that she is a good student in our celestial school and knows me very well, though her Linga Sarira does. It appears that she has special ability and listens to the voice of God. However, I never communicate with her. She is a real goddess who came from a higher plane and it appears that she has been liberated to a far higher System in the reformation of heavenly world this time.
Goddesses illustrated by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi have all big eyes. Her figure will help you understand what goddesses are like. Although she has big eyes, this size falls into the category of small eyes for those of goddesses in heavenly world.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 17, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Leave Gun and Badge Behind – November 16, 2013 –

“I Didn’t Have Cosmetic Surgery” Ukraine’s 2nd Real-Life Barbie Girl Appears!

A real-life Barbie girl has appeared anew in Ukraine. She is the talk of the town now. Usually, human Barbie dolls have to repeatedly have cosmetic surgery. They say that Ms. Alina Kovaleskaya claims that she didn’t have such surgery and she is what she is.

Although I feel that we can’t deny that she uses tons of makeup to enhance her features, Alina does deny it completely. Alina, like other human Barbie dolls, is suspected of using Photoshop for modification. She, of course, denies it, either.

(Excerpt from Nikkan Terafour)

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