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Nov 30, 2013

No Description in Campaign-Finance Records – Tokyo Governor Inose Receives 50 Million Yen from Tokushukai Contradictions and Falsehood of Excuses Made by Tokyo Governor Inose Exposed One after Another - Japan, Media Included, to Face Radical Changes

No Description in Campaign-Finance Records 
- Tokyo Governor Inose Receives 50 Million Yen from Tokushukai  Contradictions and Falsehood of Excuses Made by Tokyo Governor Inose Exposed One after Another - 
Japan, Media Included, to Face Radical Changes 

As reported in this article, Inose will be finished as a politician. I think you have had rough ideas of it from my explanation on Shanti Phula’s blog. It is safe to say that Japan has shifted its direction to a new system. I have already reported to you that Japan joined the Nathaniel camp on November 1. Think that it started in full swing after 20th. In short, Japan’s politics was put under the control of the White Dragon. Likelihood of arrest of Inose is a visible sign of it. Japan, media included, will also face radical changes.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 23, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Nikkan Gendai – November 23, 2013 –

Contradictions and Falsehood of Excuses Made by Tokyo Governor Inose Exposed One after Another

No escape/ © Nikkan Gendai

He is completely forced out. Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose received 50 million yen from Tokushukai, where six people were arrested on suspicion of violation of the Public Offices Election Law. On 22 in at a press conference, he said that I borrowed the money personally. The more explanation he offered, the more incoherent his explanation became. He had better resign as governor.

At any rate, Inose’s excuses were full of contradictions. On 22 he responded to the press after 1:00 p.m. for the first time. At that time he explained as follows:

“Last November I made a courtesy visit to Mr. Torao Tokuda, former director of the Tokushukai, to report that I would run for the Metropolitan gubernatorial election following the resignation of former Governor Ishihara. I asked Mr. Torao Tokuda, former head of Tokushukai, to support me in the form of funding for the election campaign.”

Listening to him without prejudice, it is “support for election.” However, at a press conference held two hours later, he rephrased a statement: “It was not fund for election campaign but a personal loan.”

*Confused explanations unbearable to hear

If so, what did he borrow it for? Mr. Torao Tokuda, who he “met for the first time,” according to Inose, offered lots of money, 50 million yen to him free of interests and warranty. He offered confused explanations and changed explanation repeatedly. His changed his story: “He encouraged me to do my best,” “I borrowed money without knowing what “borrow” meant when I was unfamiliar with election, “ “I felt it was not good to refuse his proposal,” “I might have felt I felt secure with having a individual loan,” etc.

The money was handed over directly to Inose by Upper House lawmaker Takeshi Tokuda at the Diet Members’ Office Building.

Although he strongly excused himself: “I wrote an I.O.U. at that time,” he said, “I don’t know to whom it was written. I didn’t see the name” or “I don’t know whether I have the actual of I.O.U. with me.”

On top of that, he said, “loan was offered by the other party or I didn’t ask the other party to do so.” He kept save appearances by making unaccountable excuses.

He also explained that although he had intended to return the loan in January or February this year, he eventually returned it in September because payment was postponed, which resulted from the circumstances on the part of the Tokushukai, death of his wife and problems related to decision of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. He was bold enough to say that the money was returned, which happened to coincident with a time after the Tokushukai was raided. However, there cannot be such a coincidence.

Professor Yasunobu Iwai, a professor of politics at Nihon University, who is familiar with political funding, says:

If he had borrowed money as election campaign finance, it would be material misstatement. According to him, he owned 30 million yen of fund. With addition of 50 million yen, a total amount of money exceeds 60 million yen, allowable legal expenses for Metropolitan gubernatorial election. On the other hand, if he insists that it was personal loan, it is called providing substantial convenience because big cash of 50 million yen was loaned free of interest. It can be interpreted “prior bribery” because he borrowed the money with the knowledge that he would become governor who holds the authorization right to medical institutions. It is the biggest question in the first place why he borrowed the money from Mr. Tokuda, why he didn’t immediately return it to him, and why he returned it after the Tokushukai issue became problematic. He has not given any rational explanation at all. I doubt that somebody might suggest him to change excuses. He seems to be getting bogged down in the mire. Suspicion against him has been increased.”

At first Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly showed a lenient attitude; it only mentioned that the problem would be examined by each faction at an executive meeting of assembly steering committee on 22. However, since Inose’s press conference was too awful, the assembly took a harsher line; “We cannot help but question him at the Assembly,” an assembly member of LDP says.

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