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Nov 6, 2013

Submission of Secrets Protection Bill to Diet Welcomed [Diary of Town Lawyer] - Such an absurd, bad law will be meaningless rather than change into a law to crack down on rascals -

Mr. Machiben (Diary of Lawyer in Town) describes well the true nature of globalism and TPP.
What he says is exactly right; if Japan follows the U.S. and promotes TPP, undoubtedly this will happen. However, what’s going on in the world is isolation of the U.S. Therefore, TPP will collapse.
If so, such an absurd, bad law will be meaningless rather than change into a law to crack down on rascals.
As seen in the case of Apples run by Steve Jobs, tyranny is necessary for rebuilding a rotten organization. If a rascal manages autocratically, he will become like Hitler, while if a good man does, he will become like Steve Jobs.
Secrets Protection Bill is dictatorship of bureaucrats. Japan is going to join the Nathaniel camp. It follows that the bureaucrats who joined the secret meeting of 57 finance ministers will control Japan.
I think something interesting will happen after November 1.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 27, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Diary of Town Lawyer – October 26, 2013 –

Submission of Secrets Protection Bill to Diet Welcomed

Reading morning editions, a lot of people seem to lament as if Japan started walking the path to war.

It matters little if Japan will return to prewar conditions. It doesn’t matter at all if Japan will take over the use of force in Africa and Middle East on behalf of the U.S. and Japanese young people will sacrifice their life for it. In short, we don’t care if Japan is destroyed.

We do welcome the destruction of democracy which impedes our speedy investment, which is caused by the secrets protection bill.

Ineffective system called democracy has prevented us from optimizing investment and speeding it up, for too a long time. We have been deprived of our rational, expected profits and have been unjustly oppressed for too a long time.

When an absurd system called socialism was on its death bed, we were delighted to know that nothing can impede the optimization of the world and our rational, expected profits.

However, we have realized now that a system of democracy comes in the way. We had to spend a lot of time struggling against democracy. We have kept on instructing those called the people to make correct choices. We have continued to tell about a great financial loss owing to overstaffed Diet with 700 members and the inefficiency in the bicameral system, in which the two are not so different from each other.

We Japanese chose an optimal solution and optimized the Diet for us in the face of a disadvantage we were placed at immediately after the nuclear power plant accident.
We do welcome the Secrets Protection Bill that helps put an end to an absurd system democracy earlier.
We never allow anything to impede our rational, expected profits. We never allow whatever democracy or nation state to get in our way.
Efficiency and optimization have to control the world.


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