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Nov 26, 2013

I'll relaese you how to discriminate between natural face and plastic-surgery face.

I'll relaese you how to discriminate 
between natural face and plastic-surgery face.

As I announced yesterday, I’ll show you how to discriminate between a natural face and a post-plastic-surgery face. Since determination requires the use of consciousness, it might be a little bit difficult for people who do not master methodology I teach in Oriental Medicine seminar.
First, focus your consciousness on the parietal lobe of cerebral cortex (on top of the head) and see around the area of a woman in a photo. You will see that when you see the photo of a natural (pre-plastic-surgery) face, you can breathe naturally, while you stop breathing as soon as you see the photo of a post-plastic-surgery face. Looking at the photos of a woman in profile before and after plastic surgery, shown below, you will easily understand what I mean. If you can get this sensitivity, in a simple term, you will see that a photo of a woman without plastic surgery done makes you feel you have the consciousness open, while a photo of a post-plastic-surgery woman makes you feel you have consciousness closed. Although I don’t know the exact reason, I think an extensive plastic surgery such as curving jaw will disturb prana, or qi, running through the body and inhibit the original activity of consciousness. I don’t like plastic surgery. If it is an act which is likely to cause consciousness to be blocked significantly, it is quite natural to instinctively dislike it. For this reason, I think putting a mask or mastering disguised makeup is preferable to undergo plastic surgery.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 18, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Digilog! – November 15, 2013 –

I was surprised to see photos of a female comedian Men Sunji before and after plastic surgery.
In MBC program “Golden Fishing Ground – Radio Star”, broadcast at night on 13, Imu Chanjon, a singer and actor, Chon Sonfa, a musical actor, Che Hyonu, a magician, Men Sunji, a female comedian appeared as guests and had a talk.

On the day, MCs disclosed “Men Sunji underwent had plastic surgery on the nose and eyes” and showed her photos before and after the surgery.

Looking at the photos, Men Sunji explained with a look of surprise: “The left photo was taken before surgery and the right one taken this year.”

When asked by MCs “Why did you look older in the past photo than now?” Men Sunji was surprised herself and said, “I can’t believe myself, either.”

16: Shoulderarmbreaker (Kagoshima Pref.): 2013/11/14/(Thurs.) 14:49:04.42

21:Inazumalegrariatt (Saitama Pref.): 2013/11/14 (Thurs.) 14:51:22.33
Wow, a woman has changed this much!

70:Halfnelsonsuplex (Saitama Pref.): 2012/11/14(Thurs.) 16:24:19.09
A homely child was born between the good-looking couple. It’s pretty funny!

106: Sento-n (SB-iPhone): 2013/11/15 (Fri.) 01:04:26.67

Daughter of Anjonfan ….

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