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Nov 29, 2013

High School Yearbook Photo May “Predict” Your Likelihood of Divorce? ~ Act of Leaving Your Small Child at Nursery School to Work Outside for Income Makes Your Child Unhappy in the Future. ~

Photo: VOR
"High School Yearbook Photo May “Predict” Your Likelihood of Divorce?"
Act of Leaving Your Small Child at Nursery School to Work Outside for Income Makes Your Child Unhappy in the Future.

As shown in this article, you will understand that act of leaving your child at a nursery school to work outside for income makes him/her unhappy in the future. They say that production of serotonin, the material in the brain which offers a sense of security is determined in childhood.

I heard from my son that some young people today work late because they feel uneasy alone. Since even many adults feel uneasy alone, adults should give serious consideration to an immense influence anxiety has on the future of small children.

Children who are raised in a safe environment can enjoy being alone. They can have their own ideas and establish individuality because they don’t need to go along with others. You cannot be independent if you live a passive way of life like that you try to keep line with people around you or not to rock the boat. Without peace of mind, you cannot put into action what you think is right and speak it up. If you take similar action or give similar remark without peace of mind, you merely become egocentric, which will more frequently cause trouble with people around you. This is because vibration has the property of tuning in to the environment and a person with peaceful mind attracts similar type of people.

Although many of you can’t believe it, most people think that they cannot be happy and many parents want their children to be unhappy. Only a very small number of people who feel happy with themselves, truly want others to be happy. However hard they may deny it, parents who can’t feel happy in their life don’t want their children to become happy. It may sound cruel, but it is true.

If you really want to create a peaceful and affluent world, it is the quickest way to make yourself happy. If a couple, who were not been taken care of by their parents in childhood and felt uneasy deep inside, grow up and get married, how can they be happy? The best way to regain your identity is to raise your children with affectionately holding them in their arms. This would not only lead to the promising future of your children but also make it possible to heal you and regain your identity. The most important work is raising children. If you escape from it into working outside, a vicious circle is never cut off.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 20, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from the Japanese version of The Voice of Russia – November 19, 2013 –

High School Yearbook Photo May “Predict” Your Likelihood of Divorce?

A U.S. psychologist and his team revealed that school yearbook photos of a person can fairly accurately predict whether the person can build a good life in the future.

In the survey, the team analyzed a lot of photos of children which were taken until graduation from high schools and revealed that children who look unhappy in school photos are five times more likely to get divorced than those who smile.

The Rosbalt news agency cited the remark of the analyzers: “It appears that children seem to feel how they would be destined to become, even though small children.”

However, there is no mystery here. The psychologist points out that people who look distressed and close their mind are less socially connected with people around them. This is not limited to childhood but it is applied to adulthood as well.

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