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Nov 22, 2013

Emperor Worries about Lawmaker Taro Yamamoto - most of defamation of him on the Internet is made by operatives

- Emperor Worries about Lawmaker Taro Yamamoto -
most of defamation of him on the Internet is made by operatives

In the previous article, I provided a comment that their Majesties the Emperor and Empress feel very friendly towards Mr. Yamamoto. This article indirectly proves it.

Since most of defamation of him on the Internet is made by operatives, it is wise to ignore it. Since they act, following an order from above, such bashing immediately disappears once they are ordered to stop it by above.

Today at 10:44 a.m. the souls of ten million people have newly disappeared from the world. Hypocrites who behave as if they were good people have been executed. I’m not sure how many people who posted rubbish messages on the Internet were included. However, people who turn to wrongdoing will be brought to bay even in various levels of life force. If not only souls but Mayavirupa (illusionary body) are completely destroyed, they will be able to live on Earth only for three years to come. It is easy to find out such people because they have the out-of-the-body chakras disappeared. I have given you an example of this: Obama is. If you see Obama on TV or in a photo and find he has the out-of-the-body chakras, he is Obama’s double. As far as I know by looking at the photos of Obama in the past, Obama’s double was photographed as President Obama in a considerable number of photos.

If ordinary people continue wrongdoing, they will go the way of Obama. Looking at a photo of real Obama, you will immediately see that he looks dead like a rug because he has all chakras destroyed, though finely dressed. People in this world have no sense of morality to such a degree that they don’t stop wrongdoing unless threatened. Such people will be destroyed in the life this time. Please live properly so as not to be destroyed.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 15, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: goo news – November 14, 2013 –

Emperor Worries about Lawmaker Taro Yamamoto

Emperor who received something like a letter from House of Councilors lawmaker Yamamoto at an imperial garden party in fall
= Oct. 31 in the afternoon at Akasaka Imperial Garden, 
Motoakasaka, Tokyo (Kyodo News Service).

With regard to the delivery of an envelope containing a knife to House of Councilors lawmaker Taro Yamamoto, Grand Steward of the Imperial Household Agency Noriyuki Kazeoka disclosed on 14 that “The Emperor worries about him after hearing about it in the paper.”

According to Grand Steward Kazaoka, the Emperor worried about Mr. Yamamoto when he met the Emperor on 14. Mr. Yamamoto directly handed a letter to Emperor at a garden party in October. This has been seen as a problem and he was reprimanded by the chairman of the House of Councilors.

(Asahi Shimbun) November 14, 2013 21:44

Brown Envelope Containing Knife Sent to Lawmaker Taro Yamamoto Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Investigates Suspicious Threat Case

You Tube video – November – November 14, 2013 –

Warning against Murder to Lawmaker Yamamoto


Article by the editor of this International Blog (for reader's convenience)

photo: wikimedia

Envelope containing knife, threat sent to lawmaker Yamamoto
Japan Times - Nov 13, 2013

An envelope containing a knife has been sent to House of Councilors lawmaker Taro Yamamoto, who has drawn fire for handing a letter to Emperor Akihito last month, it was learned Wednesday.

The envelope also included a message with an apparent threat to kill the lawmaker. The Metropolitan Police Department has launched an investigation for suspected intimidation.

On Friday, Yamamoto was reprimanded by Upper House President Masaaki Yamazaki for handing the letter to the Emperor during an Imperial autumn garden party late last month. The Upper House Steering Committee decided to bar Yamamoto from all official events related to the Imperial Family.

Yamamoto, known as an anti-nuclear activist, has said he wanted the Emperor to pay attention to problems caused by the nuclear calamity at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 power station.

Police and other sources said the envelope contained a folding knife with a blade 8 to 9 cm long. On the back of the envelope, a message in red said, “A group of assassins carrying knifes will be sent to you shortly.”

The sender claimed to be the head of an organization bearing a Japanese name that can be translated as “The Japanese Race Independence and Liberation Front.” Investigative sources said there is no organization registered under the name.

An X-ray detected a suspicious object in the envelope at an office building for Diet members Wednesday morning. The envelope was opened by an official of Yamamoto’s office as police observed.

It is regrettable that the threat was sent to Yamamoto, the office of the lawmaker said, adding that it would watch the progress of the police investigation.

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