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Oct 2, 2013

[Takashi Hirose] People across the country, please pass this information on to the world.

Information from a reader named Katatsumurin-sama posted on our blog on September 28, 2013

Although I have no acquaintance in the International Olympic Committee (IOC), I’m going to pass this on to overseas friends in the hope of getting the actual state of Japan known to the world.
(Comment of the reader)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Hibi Zakkan – September 27, 2013 –

People across the country, please pass this information on to the world.

Everybody in Japan, I am Takashi Hirose.

We cannot continue to disgrace Japan by letting Shinzo Abe’s big lie keep going on.  I have written a letter in English to athletes across the world.  I’d like to ask you to translate the letter into your language to pass it on to young people in your country.  If you have an acquaintance in IOC in your country, please pass it on to him/her.  Since the athletes who will join the Tokyo Olympic Games are junior or senior high school students now, it is important to correctly convey the reality of Japan to their parents.

The weekly Asahi published this week on September 24 (October 4 issue) ran a feature article.  It gives a detailed report on the risk of exposure to radiation the children living in the Kanto region have faced, which was found by cesium urinalysis.  However, please read about the relationship between cesium and polluted water with the following fact in mind.  Fish caught in waters close to Japan read 0.086 Bq/kg on average before the Fukushima nuclear accident, while fish reading the current standard of 100Bq/kg, which is 1160 times higher than the normal level, is distributed as “safe fish.”  Every media reports that all seafood is “less than the limit of detection” with 1000- times dangerous seafood as the standard.

(Reference): We see no rise in radiation dose in Hiroshima whitebait, while we see a leap in radiation dose in Ibaragi one.

Report about seafood off Ibaraki, distributed in Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Everybody, please hurry to disseminate this information to your acquaintances or friends overseas.

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