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Oct 15, 2013

Ozawa Investigation – That Prosecutor Re-employed in Blue-Chip Company

Everybody, when you read this kind of article, what do you think of it?  Your way of thinking: “Since this is the world, whatever I may say won’t do anything” or “I’ll never forgive such injustice” will change the future.  Future direction is decided by people’s consciousness.  Change in consciousness naturally changes your attitude.  Future is decided not by money but by consciousness.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 11, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: “Hibi Tantan” Document Blog – October 9, 2013 –

Ozawa Investigation – That Prosecutor Re-employed in Blue-Chip Company

Another clamor has been raised around Masahiro Tashiro, former prosecutor, (46) who fabricated records of interrogation in the Rikuzankai case, in which Ichiro Ozawa, Representative of People’s Life Party, was founded not guilty.  In late September, Tokyo First Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution accepted a new petition for review of the case filed by Tashiro.

Although he was accused by citizens’ group on charges of drafting false signed official document and uttering it by fabricating records of interrogation on the Rikuzankai incident, Tashiro was exempted from prosecution.  He managed to escape from mandatory indictment as the Committee judged non-prosecution as unfair.  However, Miki Mitsui, former chief of Osaka High Public Prosecutors Office, who also accused Tashiro on the same allegation, has responded to the non-prosecution by the prosecution and made anew allegation to the Committee.

Tashiro, who must be greatly perplexed now, thinking “Give me a break,” has steadily started “new life” after retirement.  Immediately after resigning as prosecutor in June last year, he was re-employed in “Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation,” an affiliated company of a major synthetic chemistry manufacturer Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

“It is a company of producing and selling clinical reagent with annual sales of approximately 80 billion yen, and a big company which has a total number of approximately 2,800 employees.  The company is a blue-chip company which has a surplus of one to six billion yen each year.  It is also the only doping (use of banned substances) test institution.  The company is drawing a lot of attention as a core institution that will be responsible for doping testing in Tokyo Olympics Games to be held in seven years.”  (Economic journalist)

Tashiro is now a temporary employee with the General Affairs Department.  At any rate, why did the company employ such a problem prosecutor that developed investigative reports?  Mitsubishi Chemical Medience (General Affairs Department) responds: “We would decline to publicize personal information on our employees regardless of enrollment.”

“The higher-ups of the prosecution must have helped secure a reemployment for former prosecutor Tashiro.  Auditors of its parent company Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation have been the post reserved for retired superintending prosecutors through the ages.  Since he has not been deprived of lawyer qualification, Tashiro is supposed to become a lawyer after things calm down.  So, he is a temporary employee because he considers it as a stopgap measure.” (Reporter in charge of the prosecution)

Unless Ozawa is confined to trials, the current political situation would have been changed.  I wonder if a man who tried to ostracize a key player in the change of administration even by means of fabricating records of interrogation or investigative reports is allowed to be re-employed in a blue-chip company.

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