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Oct 1, 2013

Former Chairperson of NRC George Jaczko Ventures into Abandoning Nuclear Power Generation

I have watched the personality and behavior of Chairperson Jaczko on TV since March 11, 2011 and I have told to my wife that there is a respectable person involved in nuclear energy.  Looking at the photo, I have found him really beautiful – oh, I’m not talking about his head.
He emits very beautiful light, not reflected light.
If you get to see through a person at first sight, you will understand everything else very well.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 24, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Ryusaku Tanaka Journal – September 23, 2013 –

Former Chairperson of NRC George Jaczko Ventures into Abandoning Nuclear Power Generation

Mr. Jaczko who checks terminology with an interpreter before a lecture
= on 23 at Chiyoda Ward  Photograph: Shun Yamada =

Former Chairperson of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) George Jaczko has come to Japan and given a lecture in Tokyo today.
Mr. Jaczko had tried to strengthen nuclear regulation following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, which had him isolated within the Commission.  He resigned as chairperson in May last year.  (According to Wikipedia and others)

Mr. Jaczko has never bent his principles as he witnessed a harsh accident in the country to which the U.S. had sold nuclear power plants.  He gave a very thought-provoking speech.  (Remarks indicated by boldface are given by Mr. Jaczko.)

Suprisingly, Mr. Jaczko made such remarks that he ventured into abandoning nuclear power generation.

“Every time I visit Japan, I am surprised at the spirit of the Japanese and technology.  I believe it is possible to create energy source for the next generation and a new electric power transmission system.  That will free us from the use of nuclear energy that requires expensive facilities.  It will also free us from the use of technology (nuclear power) that causes harsh accidents.

Nuclear safety myth was not just limited to Japan but we also had it in the United States that had experienced the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident.  Japan, a client state, has also been infected with the myth.

“The nuclear power industry says ‘All nuclear power plants are safe and no accident will happen.’  If an accident happens, they try to make an improvement.”  “If an accident happens, we will make a fuss about it.  We have to talk about nuclear power plants with understanding of a possibility of nuclear accident.  Accident will happen at some future point.”

Former Chairperson of NRC George Jaczko says: “Several nuclear power plants in the U.S. have been closed for a several years due to safety problems.” 
= Photography: Shun Yamada =

It seems that no lessons from the Three Mile Island accident have been learned in Japan, where only the Chernobyl accident has been in the news.

“The Three Mile Island accident showed that evacuation planning was very fragile.  (And yet,) you didn’t learn the important lesson (of the Three Mile Island accident) in Fukushima nuclear power plants.  Since no careful planning was made beforehand, evacuation got extremely confused.”
“The safety standards you have to develop following the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident are not to produce any evacuees and not to contaminate the environment outside power plant facilities.”

Additionally, the former chairperson emphasized: “It is also important for citizens to lobby the Diet and the government.”

In a Q and A session, this writer asked him: “What do you think about the Japanese government that underestimates the contaminated water problem?”  The former chairperson answered as follows:

I am afraid that the people might have been more concerned about TEPCO’s lack in competence to cope with the problem.  Why wasn’t the government engaged in it earlier?  The government paid too much attention to resumption of the nuclear power plant.

Mr. Jaczko might make a bold remark because he is the “former” NRC chairperson.  I wonder what Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka will say about the Fukushima nuclear accident after retiring from office.

Mr. Jaczko will hold a lecture and press interview in Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ) tomorrow on 24.

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