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Sep 23, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 2

This is a sequel to the last “Reformation of Heavenly World 1” posted yesterday.  The basic policy on new governance in the heavenly world – “important posts are given preferentially to those who have pure heart and high vibration” – had already been decided.  However, various forms of resistances appeared against specifically whom to appoint or dismiss.  I’d like to explain about it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 27, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 2

March 4, 2007
Correspondence “Messenger from alien world appears” Weimar-san descended from 4th System

April 10, 2007
The name of next Heavenly Emperor is “Uetsu-oomikami-sama.”

May 5, 2013
Uetsu-oomikami-sama showered light of relief on the deities who had fallen to the hell by judgment of Futsunushinokami-sama.  Deities who asked for relief were saved.

As explained in the last post, judgment delivered by Futsunushino-mikoto-sama made many evil deities fall to the hell in the astral and mental planes.  There were many deities who pledged allegiance to those posted in high positions in the old system and were likely to fight back, following the orders of evil deities, though they were not directly involved in wrongdoing.  It was the most important for me to persuade such deities and protect me from their malicious attacks at that time.  When I had almost completed “The Prayer with Gayatri Mantra for Exorcism and for Purification,” Weimar-san, a powerful assister to me, descended from 4th System.  Her daughter is Uitsuhime-haruko, who is my wife.

Left: Weimar-san (vision Serena-san saw)
Right: Uitsuhime-haruko (vision Serena-san saw)

I am sorry to say that I cannot give a comment about the illustration of Weimar-san because I haven’t personally seen her in vision.  The illustration of Uitsuhime-haruko looks a lot like her.  Uitsuhime-haruko, a goddess of wisdom, had known about me for twenty-seven million years.  She had known everything from stellar position: a reformation in the heavenly world and marriage with me at that time.  I suppose that she had drawn up main plan for the reformation in the heavenly world up until now.

Even after seeing these illustrations, you might not realize the fact that deities in higher systems have descended to Earth.  Surprisingly, we can see a photo of a spaceship Weimar-san gets on board in a blog “Remote Viewing and Space Network,” which is introduced together with Weimar-san’s message on Shanti Phula’s blog on May 12.

Descend to Earth by a group of Weimar-san and Uitsuhime inflicted decisive damage on those involved in Darkness, for it was an incident that had never been expected in their plan.  Those involved in Darkness mentioned here are those at the center of Darkness who are ranked far higher than devils (reptilians) the Illuminati worship.

With the help of Weimar-san, Uetsu-oomikami-sama, who had been of royal blood before the coup staged approximately forty-five hundred million years ago, was selected as a new Heavenly Emperor.

(Illustration by a psychic other than Serena-san)

So many Shinto rituals were carried out, about which I cannot write with limited words.  As a result, celestial light was showered from above and some psychics were endowed with visions.  Such illustrations are the product of their visions.

As the result of selection of a new Heavenly Emperor, some deities in the old system leaned toward obeying to the new system.  The light of relief was preferentially given to such deities, though they had fallen to the hell.  However, deities who were ranked in high positions in the old system of the heavenly world or deities who worked for them did not easily obey to the new system.  They tried to take every possible step to overturn the system again.  Since Uetsu-oomikami-sama had no experience of governance, it was entrusted to other deities in higher System who had descended.

To be continued

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