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Sep 27, 2013

Death of an eight-year-old girl on her wedding night in Yemen – Movement to revise Family Law

If I’m correct, one of Muhammad’s wives was a nine-year-old girl.  Wikipedia says: “According to traditional sources, Aisha was six years old when she was married to the prophet (Muhammad) and nine when she formally married him and lived together for nine years.  ‘Formal marriage” includes sexual intercourse on the wedding night.”
I hear that words and deeds of Muhammad are a paragon of Muslim.  It indicates what an immense influence religion has.  What’s wrong is wrong whoever you may be, even if you are Muhammad.  Earth appears to be really a special star.  There is no other star like Earth where so many Monads (souls) have disappeared.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 19, 2013

English translation of the Japanese version of The Voice of Russia – September 17, 2013 –

Death of an eight-year-old girl on her wedding night in Yemen – Movement to revise Family Law

Yemen’s Minister of Human Rights Hooria Mashhour called for the parliament to resuscitate the abolished old law and officially prohibit the marriage of underage girls.

According to CNN TV, this proposal was triggered by the death of an eight-year-old girl from injuries on the first night of her marriage.

According to Yemen’s mass media, a girl named Rawan ruptured several internal organs including uterus due to sexual intercourse on her wedding night and had a hemorrhage, which led to death.

The Haradh municipality takes a stance to side with the husband of the girl (40) and Mohammed Ahmed, the head of Haradh’s police department, makes a statement that the testimonies of local people are “groundless” rumors and the accusation against her husband is “baseless.”

This incident has caused a great controversy among the international community and Yemen’s society.  There have been cases in which underage girls die due to early marriage in the country.  According to the investigation of Human Rights Watch, half of girls in Yemen are married before the age of 18 and about 14 percent of girls are forced to be married before 15.

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