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Sep 6, 2013

Taro Yamamoto is different from other politicians in the past - “We will participate in politics through Taro-san.” Women from across the country gather together.

Look at the third photo.  It definitely shows that Diet member Taro Yamamoto is different from other politicians in the past.  The person in front of him is Mr. Takashi Hirose.  These two people are likely to become history makers.
This information is available only through an article by Mr. Ryusaku Tanaka.  All of you, please support him, too.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 31, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Ryusaku Tanaka Journal – August 30, 2013 –

“We will participate in politics through Taro-san.”  Women from across the country gather together.

“We should not have children exposed to radiation.”  
This is the starting point of Diet member Yamamoto as a politician.
=August 30 at Upper House Members’ Hall  Photography: Miyako Suwa =

Before the establishment of “National Supporters’ Club” for Diet member Taro Yamamoto, his supporters had a kickoff meeting in the Diet.  A “Tokyo Supporters’ Club” was supposed to be organized at first, but many supporters from Hokkaido, Fukushima, Osaka and Kyushu rushed to the meeting at their expense.

Supporters’ club for a Diet member is usually organized by people of his/her constituency.  A meeting is held also for the purpose of fund-raising.

However, his supporters’ club does not follow this stance.  The club is a national organization consisting of nine blocks, including Hakkaido and Okinawa.  People who escaped from exposure to radiation have been evacuated to various places in the country.

They will not raise funds.

A woman hands over a document of proposals on policies 
to Diet member Yamamoto.  
=Photograph: Ryusaku Tanaka=

Mothers with children stood out in the meeting place.  If reflects the trust in Mr. Yamamoto who won the Upper House election with the support of the public on his pledge of “non-nuclear power” and “non-radiation exposure.”

Mothers had an ardent desire to have Mr. Yamamoto move not to have children exposed to any more.

After the meeting, participants snapped a shot with Mr. Yamamoto.  
=Photograph: Ryusaku Tanaka=

Mr. Yamamoto will start going a campaign across the country late in September.  “Only if you prepare a beer case, a loudspeaker and a busy street, I’ll go anywhere by myself,” he said.  He has not been sent to the Diet by the public for nothing.

“Unless we extend aid to evacuees, (Act on Supporting Children and Sufferers) will be watered down.  There is no time to lose.”  The battle between Mr. Yamamoto and the country that won’t have children and residents escape from contaminated areas will start kicking in.

<Written by Ryusaku Tanaka/Miyako Suwa>

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