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Sep 14, 2013

“Protect Tsukiji!” Opposition to Relocation to Toyosu Market with Liquefiable and Extremely Poisonous Site

If all of you leave everything up to the country and remain politically apathetic, you will end up dead.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 9, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Ryusaku Tanaka Journal – September 8, 2013 –

“Protect Tsukiji!” Opposition to Relocation of Tsukiji Market to Toyosu with Liquefiable and Extremely Poisonous Site

“We want to be here in Tsukiji” 
Fish seem not to go to Toyosu Market, 
which contains deadly poison under the soil.  
Anti-relocation Demonstration 
= Sept 7, in the Shinbashi area  Photograph: Shun Yamada =

I wonder if the government of this country does not know the word “safety of food.”  It is the Tsukiji Market, called the kitchen in Japan that has been struck by the gravest repercussion.

Although there is a serious problem of sea contamination due to the nuclear power plant accident, the Tuskiji Market has a problem of relocation to Toyosu.  Its new address (Toyosu) is the site of old Tokyo Gas factory, whose soil, it is pointed out, contains toxic substances substantially exceeding the allowable limits for ground.

During 2007 and 2008, Tokyo Metropolitan government made a boring survey (at a depth of up to 7 meter and 30 centimeter at the minimum) at 4,400 spots and collected a sample of soil there.  JAPAN ASSOCIATION ON THE ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES called for the Metropolitan government on “disclosure and preservation of the soil.  Since the Metropolitan government refused it, the Association has filed a lawsuit against it for requesting not to dispose of the collected soil.

The Metropolitan government should disclose the collected soil if there is no problem.  On the planted site will be built a market where fresh seafood and fish and green food.  Despite this, the Metropolitan government sticks to the stance: “We don’t want to have the soil seent or preserve it.”

The unstable ground on which a market is planned to be built was liquefied on “March 11.”  At that time, poisonous substances including hexavalent chrome, which the Metropolitan government desperately wants to hide, blew out with groundwater.

The Tsukiji Market, which was constructed based on the lesson of the Great Kanto Earthquake, was as stead as a rock on “March 11.”  Why is the Metropolitan government going to bother to relocate the food market to contaminated land?

Today a “demonstration against Tukiji relocation” was held, in which intermediate wholesalers and citizens participated.  While chanting a slogan of “Protect Tsukiji”, a group of demonstrators left Tsukiji and paraded down the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Diet building.

Participants of the demonstration including housewives unanimously said, “It is unbelievable for the Metropolitan government to plant to relocate the market where food is handled to Toyosu” or “Our life is threatened (due to the nuclear power plant accident)” and showed their sense of crisis.

Construction work for relocation is progressing steadily in Toyosu.  
The tank wagon seen this side appeared to store groundwater 
welling up from the earth.  
I wonder if the soil contains hexavalent chrome.

= Site where a new market is to be built in Toyosu  Photograph: Shun Yamada =

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