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Sep 10, 2013

[Niigata Report] “Have you ever thought that you will become a second Mr. Eisaku Sato?” Governor Izumida says “Yes, I have.”

Screening of souls is made through various events in the world.  People who never stop having a hand in evil will have their souls destroyed one after another.  Very few people have their souls (Monad) in the Sirius System.  Most people have fallen to a System lower than the Animal System.
People who are judged to have no hope of repenting their deed will end up having their souls vanish.  A quite number of people who got involved in a plot against Syria have had their souls destroyed.
Deities are watching over human activities.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 6, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Ryusaku Tanaka Journal – September 5, 2013 –

[Niigata Report] “Have you ever felt that you will become a second Mr. Eisaku Sato?”  Governor Izumida says “Yes, I have.”

Governor Izaumida answers questions of free-lance reporters at media meeting.  Oshidori Mako-san sits in front of him.  
= September 5 in Niigata prefectural office.  Photograph:Ryusaku Sato =

“Have you ever thought that you will become a second Mr. Eisaku Sato because you protest against resuming the nuclear power plant operation?”  This writer asked Governor Izumida at Media meeting including free-lancers in Niigata prefectural office.

“Yes, I have,” the governor answered in a moment.  “I felt creepy when I was chased by a car,” he said, looking back over the past.

Mr. Eisaku Sato, former Fukushima Governor, who had opposed against a plutonium-thermal project of Fukushima nuclear power plants operated by TEPCO, was arrested and prosecuted on charges of bribery associated with transaction in the land of a sewing company run by his brother.  It was a very strange bribery case, in which the amount involved was zero.  This incident was the beginning of national policy investigations.

Governor Izumida, like other anti-nuclear people, has been exposed to a negative campaign by pro-nuclear groups.  Mr. Shigeaki Koga, who was a colleague in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), has disclosed in a weekly magazine “Officials of METI and Nuclear Regulatory Agency are spreading a rumor that ‘Izumida is an odd person.’  It is a false rumor.”  I sometimes see pro-nuclear journalists pushing propaganda based on the false rumor of “Izumida as odd person.”

Once the foundation is provided by a negative campaign, the prosecution would have no difficulty in taking action.  The Rikuzankai incident which aimed at “crushing Ozawa” is a perfect example.

The governor, who was asked about the negative campaign against himself by a reporter outside the club, answered as follows: “When asked about what is a problem in reality, regrettably they develop a negative campaign against me instead of answering it.”

I got an impression at the Media meeting that Governor Izumida has never got along with the local press club.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yoshio Hachiro (at that thime) was attacked by the local press club due to his “remarks on death town” and what is more the club fabricated a story that he said “I’ll have you put on radiation.”  As a result,, he was forced to step down.

Niigata Governor Hirohiko Izumida objects to resuming the easygoing operation of Kashiwazaki Kariha nuclear plant by TEPCO from his own position as the head of the local government who has to protect residents.  When the Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake, which was dangerously close to disaster, broke out in 2007, the government and TEPCO poorly responded to it.  The memory is burned into his mind.

Nuclear Power Village which puts even state power under its thumb will probably make necessary countermeasures to resume the operation of the nuclear power plant.  It is important that we have to watch over power so that Governor Izumida may not become a second Governor Eisaku Sato.

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