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Sep 4, 2013

Illustration of Harukanimoeruhikarinomiya-himemiko-sama & Her Message

Illustration of Harukanimoeruhikarinomiya-himemiko-sama
(Sirius' Companion Star, Po Tolo (aka Sirius B), 12 years of age)
<Linga Sarira>

Illustrated by  Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi
Posted on our blog on August 30, 2013

Information from Mr.Takeshita

This himemiko-sama is a star called Sirius companion star Po Tolo or Fonio according to the mythology of the Dogon people.  It is also described as Sirius B.  As usual, I asked her through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to give a message to us people of Earth.  Like other himemiko-sama of Sirius constellation, she is a goddess who used to live in the Love Creator Deity 5th System and descended to Earth as divine spirit.  Since I suppose that she must remember those days, I asked her about it.  In the following correspondence, words in parenthesis are Mrs. Nakanishi’s remarks.

*Message to Earthling

“Hello, people of Earth!
It is my great pleasure to see Earth regaining very beautiful luster!
I never spend every day praying for peace of Earth and happiness of all of you.

Thinking of you who have lived with a lot of suffering and problems for a long time, I have sometimes felt depressed.
Unlike in the past, however, Earth seems to recently shine more and more brilliantly day by day.
I have been filled with joy now.

My home is Earth.
I earnestly hope that a beautiful star Earth will be filled with love and happiness and all living beings will be able to share the joy of living there.

Walking with you

*I asked her to speak about Mr. Takeshita she remembers when she was in Creator Deity of Love 5th System.

“Yes, I remember him very well.  
I called Mr. Takeshita “Kusushikimitamakakagayaku-mikoto-sama” in those days.  (I am very surprised to hear the name for the first time.)
I do remember that Mr. Takeshita was always shining at the center of many deities.
As he knew everything, I often asked him about something I didn’t know about.
He explained everything very accurately, politely and in detail and I was able to understand it very well.
Many deities had great trust and deep respect for him.
He excelled at all abilities, especially had a wonderful singing voice.  All of us used to listen to his voice in fascination.
His funny jokes were very charming!  (His jokes are more and more charming now!)
I still remember them because they were so impressive.  (I was surprised at himemiko-sama’s good memory.  I wonder if her Taiheki is Type 1.)
Please give my best regard to Mr. Takeshita.”

*I asked her what she thought of the illustration.

“Do you know me?  (I don’t know anything about you.)
What a wonder!
First, the face is look-alike.  I have the same hairdo.
I wear a blazing orange-colored dress.
I just assumed you saw me.  (No, I am almost blind.)
I am very happy.
I’m looking forward to having it posted on Shanti Phula’s blog.”

As himemiko-sama remembers, this name is undoubtedly my name of those days.  As I talked in a video lecture or some other place, I descended to Sirius system from this system (Creator Deity of Love 5th System) four hundred and fifty million years ago.  I think that her remarks will make you understand accuracy of what I say.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 30, 2013

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