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Aug 2, 2013

Taro Yamamoto To Be A Rare Politician in Japanese History! - Takashi Hirose

Information from Prema-sama, our reader, and another reader

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Diary of BOugenbilira Kichikichi – July 17, 2013 –

Takashi Hirose

* The other day there was a crowd of people coming out of the Tokyo Dome in front of an Upper House election campaign car.  They were Giants fans who surrounded a very popular person and asked him for his autograph and pictures with him after a victory of Yomiuri Giants in a game.  The person was “Taro Yamamoto.”  (It is rumored that Nabetsune, the owner of Giants, were so shocked that he had a crick in the back.)

* Taro Yamamoto will be a rare politician in Japanese history!

There is no doubt about it.  He has excellent ability to take action.  His sparking inspiration and keen sensitivity is completely beyond our reach, above clouds.  He closely examines anything.  He is quick to take action.  He laughs right in front of the face of liars, saying “You are crazy” with a smile.
His true value as an actor, who says “I hate war,” “Abolish nuclear power plants” or “Save the poor,” is shown in a TBS TV program entitled “Last Deliveryman of Call-up Papers” (Turbulent Days of Showa—Tragic “Call-up Papers) broadcast in 2009, which was a story about young people who were forced to go off to war and died a cruel death.

It is Taro Yamamoto that has a power to overturn from the foundation the Diet full of diet members who are still rotten and fall short of elementary school kids’ IQ.  He has innate talent.  What makes him display ability to take action and sparkling intuition?  It is his devotion and compassion for others, which grow into a flame in his body.  He is always considerate of his mother living away from him.  When I made a coverage tour of Germany with him in March, I often experienced his gentleness directly.  He tried to wash the dishes when he calls at my house.  And he always laughs away in the end.  Although I scold and scold him by saying “Just think about your life,” he answers me back, saying “When are you going to do instead of now?  Let me do it.”  This is his inner fortitude that reflects his seriousness with which he appeals to the public in towns.

For this reason, his words cut to the heart more strongly than any other words.  This is the reason all people, Yomiuri Giants fans and Communist Party members, support him.

However, he is never expendables.  If he protects us, we will protect him.  All of us have had a hard life for these two years.  What matters is to have him sweep to victory and give him joy and confidence and support him after his victory.  When he responds to questions in the Diet as a lone wolf, we people support him with a unified voice.  So our quick and great response will ripple out to the mass media.

In response to our voice, he repeats it with a loud voice and Japan starts changing.

We start taking action.  Everybody starts letting out our voice.

Let’s create such times with Taro Yamamoto.


The following is the vision related to Mr. Taro Yamamoto Serena-san saw and the comment of Mr. Takeshita posted on our blog on November 26, 2011.
“The following conversation was made between a deity and Serena-san when she saw a vision on November 5, 2011.

A young man is going to rise up.  There are people who try to destroy him.  He is sure to be destroyed.  However, if he can stand up again from debris with the help of deities and hoist a flag of revolution, many Japanese will be awakened.  However, the probability is very small.”

“Why is it so?”

“What controls this country is feeling of helplessness, feeling of weariness and feeling of hopelessness.  There are too many people who seek temporary pleasure, money, drugs and power.

The “young man who is going to rise up” in this conversation is Mr. Taro Yamamoto.  These visions are prophecy of deities and not decisions.  If people stand up with him and ask deities for help, future will be changed.  (Takeshita)

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