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Aug 31, 2013

Supreme Court Justice Gets “10-Times Revenge” for Prime Minister – Pride As a Man Shown over Constitutional Interpretation

This article shows that there is a respectable bureaucrat.  I am sure that Illuminati and Abe feel miserable when they keep doing what they know is destined to go bad.  I’d like to ask them what they really feel.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 24, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Gendai Net – August 22, 2013 –

Supreme Court Justice Gets “10-Times Revenge” for Prime Minister – Pride As a Man Shown over Constitutional Interpretation

Red Flag Raised (C) Nikkan Gendai

An unexpected ambush has made the Abe administration stamp the ground.  Mr. Tusneyuki Yamamoto, 63, who left the post as Director-General of Cabinet Legislation Bureau and assumed the post of Supreme Court justice, has put a stop to Prime Minister Abe who plans to exercise the right to collective defense.  He made a clear-cut remark in a press interview on 20th when he assumed the post: “It is difficult to approve the use of the right to collective defense under traditional interpretation of the Constitution.”

There is an opinion in the cabinet that “it is impossible to change constitutional interpretation any longer.”  Actually, it is difficult to force to exercise it if the Supreme Court justice denies it.  Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga seemed to get mad at his remark and criticized him on 21st: “His remark has caused a feeling of strangeness.”

“Close aides of prime minister get angry, saying this is a kind of revenge.  This is because Prime Minister Abe has just had Mr. Tuneyuki Yamamoto, who took a passive stance on change of constitutional interpretation, leave the post as Director-General of Cabinet Legislation Bureau, to put it simply, Prime Minister Abe has replaced him as Director-General.  The prime minister has assigned to him a post as Supreme Court justice, which appears to a successful career, not replacement.  Mr. Tsuneyuki Yamamoto, who had a pride as Director-General of Legislation Bureau, could not forgive Prime Minister Abe for his approach.  He wanted to give a blow to the prime minister.” (Kasumigaseki insider)

It is true that the remark of Supreme Court justice who makes a final judgment on constitutional interpretation carries enormous weight.  Press interview as Supreme Court justice is a perfect opportunity to get 10-times revenge against the prime minister.

What kind of a person is Mr. Tuneyuki Yamamoto, who has spoiled Prime minister’s start?
“Mr. Yamamoto is from Aichi Prefecture.  He graduated from Asahioka High School and Kyoto University Faculty of Law.  He entered the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 1973.  To be honest, he was not a candidate for vice minister in the MITI.  However, Cabinet Legislation Bureau is the place where brilliant officials from various ministries are sent.  He was single-tracked but undoubtedly sharp.  Mr. Yamamoto himself considered the duty of Director-General of Cabinet Legislation Bureau to be his vocation.” (Ex-member of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

There is a stipulation of “guarantee of status” in the Constitution that Justices of the Supreme Court can work until the retirement age of 70.  People of Prime Minister’s office seem to look at him with chagrined eyes, thinking “We had him appointed as Supreme Court justice.”  This is a good example of backfired halfway measures taken to change constitutional interpretation by replacing Director-General of Legislation Bureau.

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