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Aug 13, 2013

Reality to Give a Hard Blow to Maladministration of Abe Cabinet – Deities Keep Watch over Media –

“Reality will give a hard blow to maladministration.”  This is a good saying.
I think this will happen.  As for the expression in the article - What has caused such changeover? - , deities are keeping watch over the media now, about which I wrote in the last article.  Deities have waited and seen the media for about one month.  Twenty-three people who put pressure on the media and were judged to have no chance of being reformed were put to death at 2100 hours on August 3, 2013.  The number of those to be executed will increase, depending on the stance media people take.  Execution will make souls vanish.  If they continue to do wrong, they will see their physical death.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 7, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: BLOG OF AMAKI NAOTO – August 7, 2013 –

Reality to Give a Hard Blow to Maladministration of Abe Cabinet – Deities Keep Watch over Media –

What do you think of a series of uproars caused by the incident of U.S. military helicopter crash?

The Japanese Government, which has turned a deaf ear to the voice of Okinawa residents for a long time, hurriedly has raised a protest against the U.S. now.

They can do if they try.

The U.S. forces, which have continued never to listen to what the Japanese government says, have apologized profusely for it.  They are quick to accept the Japanese government’s request to put off deployment of the Osprey.

They will accept Japan’s request if they feel up to it.

The media have not reported the inequality of the Japan-U.S. Status-of-Forces Agreement against which scholars and intellectuals have protested very strongly.  Surprisingly, however, they have started splashing the inconveniences of the unequal treaty.

They know that they can write about it if they are so inclined.

What has caused such changeover?

The reality of U.S. military helicopter’s crash did make it possible.

The reality that cannot be hidden and the dangers everybody have witnessed makes any deception or defense impossible.

This incident will extend over the issues on nuclear power plants, consumption tax and revision of the Constitution.

Reality will make it impossible to implement wrong policies of maintenance of nuclear power plants, a rise in consumption tax and abandonment of Article 9 of the Constitution no matter how much the government may want to do.

Reality will stop such implementation even if opposition parties cannot do it.

Although wrong policies can be implemented temporarily by force, they will be actually foiled and policymakers should receive two-fold punishment and suffer from their sin.

I have recalled anew one phrase in a textbook “Story about New Constitution,” which was issued by the Ministry of Education immediately after the Constitution of Japan came into effect.

It admonishes the people who worry about renunciation of war and non-retention of military forces as follows:

There is nothing you worry about because Article 9 of the Constitution is right and nothing is stronger than righteousness.

That’s right.  All we have to do is to continue saying what is right and raising our voice to realize it.

Maladministration will be given a hard blow to by reality some day in future.

All we have to do is to continue arguing what we believe is right until then.

This is the strongest privilege of the public without power, which can stop one-sided use of power.

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