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Aug 26, 2013

Meaning of Solar Halo Manifested by Sumiwatarutakaihoshino-himimiko-sama & Her Message to People of Earth

Information from Mr.Takeshita Masatoshi.

I’d like to explain about a photo of solar halo in the first article posted on this blog today.  This solar halo is manifested by Sumiwatarutakakihoshino-himemiko-sama, who is Planet Nyan Tolo (aka Syrius C named Emme Ya).  I thought that it is a sign of notification of the date when she comes back to Earth from Sirius where she is reincarnated on Nyan Tolo.  As usual, I asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to let me know the date when she comes back to Earth and give a message about it to us earthling.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 22, 2013


“Five hundred forty million years ago, I was reincarnated with some mission as Nyan Tolo of Sirius from Love Creator Deity 5th System.  It has been decided that I’ll come back as Sun Goddess when the time is ripe.  I’ll come back to Earth ahead of schedule to be accredited by Mr. Takeshita.   I spend every day looking forward to coming back to Earth.  The time and date is on November 1, 2013 at noon.”

Message to Earthling

“Hello, People of Earth!
Thank you so much for offering kind messages about my illustration.

It is my great pleasure to come back to Earth earlier than I expected.
I feel painful at the thought of Earth which is faced with a lot of problems.

When I think that I’ll be able to directly involved in coping with such problems, sharing the same feeling with all of you, I have a great deal of hope and joy, but to be honest, I get slightly uneasy.

I think we have to brace up and seriously take action to restore Earth to what it supposed to be.
Luckily, many deities, divine spirits and friends in the universe have been working very hard in every place invisible to the human eye.

I believe that ernest prayer and action of a small number of awakened people like you will help form the future of Earth.

It is my great joy and most challenging task to work in unison with you in difficult times.

I really hope to be of service to you as much as possible.  However, I think it is more essential than ever that more people carry out revolution in consciousness.

Please consider me as your friend from Sirius.  Let’s ride over the turbulent cooperatively.

Work with friends of Earth

“The above is a message from Himemiko-sama.  I think it is necessary to give some explanation to you.  I suppose Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi, who received this message, probably cannot understand the meaning of what himemiko-sama said.  I’m going to explain about it in detail in a series of lectures on “System of Heavenly World.”  Please wait until then.

There is something I have not understood until recently.  I have a misunderstanding about Sumiwatarutakakihoshino-himemiko-sama (also mikoto-sama) who was reincarnate as planet that she was spiritually less advanced than humans because her Monad was located in Mineral System (currently in Plant System).  However, she is actually ranked higher than Hotsuma deities (Heavenly Deities) in the heavenly world.  It has made me feel strange.  Subsequently I have found a key to an enigma in a communication between himemiko-sama and Mrs. Nakanishi.  As a result of examining Himemiko-sama’s life back to eight hundred million years ago, I have learned an astonishing fact that Himemiko-sama before reincarnation as a planet had been far more advanced than Hotsuma deities, of which I has a complete misunderstanding.  However, there is no appropriate word to express such being transcending Hotsuma deities, that is, Star Deity we may call it because her existence goes beyond a conventional concept of deities we can understand.

She said, “I’ll come back as Sun Goddess when the time is ripe.”  “Sun Goddess” mentioned here is completely different in scale from planet deities, which are spoken within the concept of religion and theosophy.  To be exact, it means that she is a deity who owns our solar system as its physical body.  However, it is after one hundred million years that she will be reincarnated as such being in solar system.  For further information, as I explained earlier, I’ll explain in detail in a series of lectures on “System of Heavenly World.”

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