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Aug 24, 2013

Illustration of Nijinokiwamuru-himemiko-sama (Sigi Tolo (Sirius A), 12 years of age) and her message

Illustration of Nijinohikarikiwamuru-himemiko-sama
(Sigi Tolo (Sirius A), 12 years of age)
<Linga Sarira>

Illustrated by  Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi
Posted on our blog on August 17, 2013

“Looking at her picture, I have thought that her transparent and pure beauty is well described.  Intuition tells me that she has been a girl friend who resides on the Love Creator Deity 5th System for more than eight hundred million years.  I regret to say that I have no recollection of those days on physical level.  Of course, my linga sarira and causal body must remember everything.
I asked Mrs. Nakanishi to get in contact with her to give us her name and a message to people of Earth, and talk about her, who must be a student of celestial school operated by Hikarihanatsumi and me now.  Reply from Mrs. Nakanishi is as follows:”

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 17, 2013

Message to people of Earth

“Hello, people of Earth!
I am Nijinohikarikiwamuru-himemiko known as Sirius.

I have felt very familiar with Earth.
This is because Earth is my old home.

I pray every day that peace will be achieved as early as possible.

Please don’t think Sirius is a star far away from Earth.
We stars are looking at you very closely to Earth.

Please be patient for a while.
Please don’t lose hope.
Please continue praying to deities.
Please don’t forget that everything is united as one.
Many deities are also watching over you.

Please believe firmly that you are loved.
Please believe firmly that you are loved.

I’d like to send my love to you.
I wish you happiness.


I asked her how she liked the illustration.

“It is excellent.  I think it looks alike.
I think the rainbow-colored dress I like is well described.
I am wearing the same dress.
Illustrated tiara looks like the tiara I wear.
I was very surprised to see it!
I am very happy.”  (I was surprised, too.)

She has also given a comment on your message as follows:

“I do remember about the Love Creator Deity 5th System.
You must not know how deeply I was moved to listen to fabulous lectures.

In celestial school, I am learning ballet, violin, Italian harp, astronomy, architecture, classical dancing and mathematics.”

As for your comment: “I regret to say that I have no recollection of those days on physical level,”

“I am sorry that you don’t remember anything.   I would be very happy if you remember it!
However, I am happily learning from Mr. Takeshita’s linga saraira and causal body. 
He always enjoys joking around with me.  He is a teacher with a good sense of humor.
I always collapse with laughter.
Please say hello to our teacher of the physical body.”

I wonder you have *Taiheki Type 8 in the heavenly world, too. (laughter)

Seiko Nakanishi

* Taiheki – a concept on one’s body tendency in sensitivity, temperament, movement and ersonality (Wikipedia)

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