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Aug 9, 2013

Illustration of Aokikagayakimichiruhoshino-himemiko-sama (Star Emme Ya (aka Sirius-C), 12 years of age)

Illustration of Aokikagayakimichiruhoshino-himemiko-sama
(Star Emme Ya*, 12 years of age)
<Linga Sarira>

Illustrated by  Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi
Posted on our blog on July 29, 2013

* Emme Ya (ęmmę ya tolo): Another star than Sirius A/B in the Sirius system, which is still not discovered and described in the Dogon's tribe.

We have received a message from himemiko-sama to people of Earth through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi as follows:

Message to people of Earth & Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi's Comment

"Hello, people of Earth!
I’d like to introduce myself for the first time.
As it is undiscovered, I suppose my star is totally new to you, people of Earth.
However, Earth is my good old home.
I have always kept an eye on Earth.
Earth is about to change from star of suffering to star of joy.
When I think about Earth that will be changed to a star filled with peace and joy after a while, I find great joy and solace.
Although you might have difficulty in coping with changes for a while, please be patient and believe that you will get your desire.
I’ll keep an eye on you from up close.
Please continue to have love, courage and hope.”

When I asked her how she liked the illustration, she answered that she was very pleased with it, saying it greatly resembled her.
She seems to like turquoise blue very much and always be dressed in that color.
As Sirius is a blue shining star, I am very glad that an unknown goddess of Sirius has appeared in an illustration.

Seiko Nakanishi
August 1, 2013

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