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Aug 5, 2013

Alaska’s controversial HAARP facility closed -- “Completely empty”!? - All involved in HAARP System Surrendered –

Although I have not given any comments on HAARP, I have written down it in a journal.   I’d like to write out only important parts.

June 3, 2013

“Twenty-eight people including Sabbatai Zevi were executed at 9 p.m.
I suppose that this will quiet down HAARP.”

June 9, 2013

"One of Simon Magus’s faction has been executed due do evil deed (2100 hours).  Seven have survived.”

June 12, 2013

“All involved in HAARP system have been surrendered.”

Sabbatai Zevi written in the above diary is the founder of the Sabbatians and a close aide to a high-ranking Master.
I have written a lot of astounding things in my diary.
I’ll introduce an incident that occurred around June 12, which I made note in my diary.

Around June 12, many aliens from planets of our Solar System were executed. This is the reason vibrations of planets had become unstable and decreased for a while before and after this date. Since then, approximately one percent of aliens have been executed and vanished.
All aliens follow the true Galactic Association now.
You don’t have to believe in my information. Just use it as a reference.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 20, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Kazumoto Iguchi’s blog – July 19, 2013 –

Alaska’s controversial HAARP facility closed -- “Completely empty”!? : Is it true?

I’d like to take up a story of HAARP for the first time in a while. (Search for HAARP within the blog)

Alaska’s High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has drawn its fair share of conspiracy theories over the years, as it sits in Gakona, an array of antennas intended to heat the Earth’s ionosphere and study the effects. Fringe thinkers have tenuously linked HAARP to everything from the 2011 Japanese Earthquake to mind control and hurricanes.

But if there are no major earthquakes or bizarre global weather events in the coming weeks or months, the folks at HARRP may have some explaining to do -- the facility has apparently been shuttered since June , the power turned off as HAARP waits for a hoped-for change in contractors to operate the facility.

------------ were able to independently confirm that the facility was indeed closed -- the power and internet are currently off and the facility is unmanned.

The shutdown is reported to be only a temporary one, with the facility having been shuttered sometime between late May and mid-June.

The shuttering of HAARP has apparently arisen from a contractor regime change. The facility’s operations were previously administered by Kaktovik Inupiat Corp. subsidiary -- and 8(a) contractor -- Marsh Creek, LLC . Reportedly in talks to take over the contract is regional Alaska Native corporation Ahtna , which oversees the area of Gakona, where HAARP is located.

Did U.S. forces fail to secure budget?
Or were they blocked by the Galactic Federation of Light or White Knight?
Or was the facility attacked by nuclear bombs?
Or is it merely out on strike?

Honestly, there is something which is difficult to understand by us.

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