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Jul 24, 2013

System of Heavenly World - 3 -

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita:
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“In the previous two articles, I gave a detailed explanation about Systems – 12 Systems, “Creator Deity of Love” Systems and “Creator Deity of Atma” System –, 10 levels each System consists of and the relationship between each level and spiritual evolution stage.  As a matter of fact, there are six lower-level Systems below our Sirius System (the 1st System).

The lower-level Systems are the Animal System, the Plant System, the Mineral System, the 3rd Elemental System, the 2nd Elemental System and the 1st Elemental System from the top to the bottom.  I think it is safe to say that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Elemental Systems are equivalent to elemental particles, atoms and molecules, respectively.  However, these are not physically-called materials but they carry a connotation of constructors with life and consciousness.  The correspondence relationship between each level and its spiritual evolution stage in each lower-level System is shown below in the third table.

Our universe consists of 12 Systems from 1st to 12th and lower-level 6 Systems.
Our universe appears as a beautiful woman.  The figure drawn by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi is Hikarikiwamuru-himemiko-sama.  It is easy to understand if you think that Himemiko-sama is the sum of individual little life and consciousness existing in our universe.  I have actually met and talked with her.  Himemiko-sama is not a concept but actual great life and great consciousness.  Not only humans but deities have never known her appearance.  Luckily, I was able to introduce her to you thanks to Mrs. Nakanishi’s talent.

Well, let me get back to the table to offer some explanations.  The dimension of individual life form in each lower-level System is more than 2 and less than 3.  Now let’s take an example for animals in our universe.  Animals exist in the Animal System or above but do not exist in the Plant System or below.  It is the same with plants and minerals.

To sum up the explanation I have offered so far, it is only deities and fairies that exist in higher-level six systems which include the 5 “Creator Deity of Love” Systems and 1 “Creator Deity of Atma” System.  Humans exist only in middle-level systems, that is, 12 Systems, while animals exist in the Animal System and the 12 Systems and plants exist in the Plant System, the Animal System and the 12 Systems.  The same applies to other lower systems; Mineral System and Elemental Systems.

Nobody has known the whole picture of these systems.  Most people have no way of knowing whether my explanation is true or not.  For example, nobody has known that six lower-level Systems exist below our Sirius System (1st System).  This is because it is only deities in higher-level systems that can unlimitedly see and recognize these lower-level systems.  When people other than deities want to know about lower-level systems, they need the help of deities in higher-level systems.  However, many deities in higher-level systems have descended to Earth now and it might be recognized that these lower-level systems really exist.  Furthermore, Serena-san drew illustrations of deities who have descended from higher-level systems that she had a vision of.  If you search for the word “the 1st Creator Deity of Atma System” or “the 12th System” in Serena-san’s blog*, you will understand that such deities in higher-level systems really exist.

*Note: Serena-san’s blog is not available in English.

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