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Jul 8, 2013

System of Heavenly World - 2 -

This is the information from Mr.Takeshita.

"In the last installment, I explained the relationship between each System and dimension.

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There is no 3rd dimension (our material dimension) in this table.  As a matter of fact, the 4th dimension in the table is overlapped with the 3rd dimension.  For example, imagine the following situation.  The out-of-the-body experience (OBE) enables your astral body to float in the air and move to any place as you like.  Your body goes through a wall and you can watch anybody inside the room.  Although you can see and recognize everything that is happening around you, people there cannot see you.  This is the situation of the 4th dimension.  In most cases, beings of the 4th dimension (the 5th level of Earthly Deity in the Sirius System) can spiritually move to up to the place which is overlapped with the material dimension of the Bhur-loka (desire realm).  This varies depending on its evolution stage.  As for humans, we have to reach the evolution stage of at least 1.0 to become a being of 4th dimension.  For example, when you reach the stage of more than 2.0 as a result of advancement in spiritual evolution, you will open up a possibility that with the ability to have OBE, you can experience the Bhuvar-loka (form realm)—real spirit world like Swedenborg. Thus, spiritual evolution stage may be called the index of spiritual perspective on things a person has.  The following table is a part of The List of Initiates at the back of “Maitreya’s Mission Vol. 3 (written by Benjamin Creme, published by Share Japan).

Pissaro, Camille (1.7) 6-4-6-4-7
(1830-1903) Painter France

Bismark, Otto von (2.0) 1-1-1-6-3
(1815-1898) Statesman Germany

Bizet, Georges (1.6) 4-4-7-6-7
(1838-1875) Composer France

Pythagoras (2.2) 2-6-5-6-3
(B.C.582-496) Philosopher Greece

The figures in parenthesis immediately following the names refer to the initiate’s exact point of spiritual evolution.  The following five figures indicate the ray structure; soul, personality, mental body, astral body and physical body.  These figures are very accurate and this book is worthwhile only with this list.  It is rather easy to identify these revolution stages and ray structures.  Anyone who has finished studying the elementary course of Oriental Medicine Seminar can determine them if he is taught its detection method.  The method will be released in the future when I deal with theosophy in video lectures on science of religion.

Then, what is the relationship between the evolution stage I have mentioned so far and the dimension shown in the table?  As for humans, our evolution stage has to be at least n-3 (n minus three) to become an n-dimensional being; n-2 (n minus two) for a divine spirit (Earthly Deity) and n-1 (n minus 1) for a deity (Heavenly Deity).  For example, the condition to be a human and the 5th dimensional being is that our evolution stage has to be at least 2.0.  For this reason, in case of Hotsuma Deity, the 5th level of Heavenly Deity in the Sirius System (the 64th dimension) is the lowest level and the minimum evolution stage is 63.0.

The current heavenly world is classified into orderly systems, while the previous heavenly world before 2007 was not like this.  Such orderly systems were adhered to in the Great Bear System (the 3rd System) and higher systems but the Pleiades System (the 2nd System) and the Sirius System (the 1st System) were in chaotic disorder.  This is because 450 million years ago, Subarutaijin and Tokoukeno-ookami staged a coup d’etat in the Pleiades System and in the Sirius System respectively to usurp the throne, which caused a cessation of communication between the Great Bear System and other Systems and a disruption of heavenly world system.  The heavenly world has been controlled mainly by Amaterasu-oomikami and Toyoukeno-ookami for the past 30 million years.  Their evolution stage was at most 20-22 and neither of them was big enough to become the Lord of Hotsuma Deities.  Tentei-ookimi, the Heavenly Emperor of the Big Bear System, did not recognize their authority as royal family and their legitimacy because they usurped the throne of the heavenly world.  If Tentei-ookimi had recognized the legitimate royalty of Amaterasu-oomikami, he immediately had initiated Amaterasu-oomikami to raise his evolution stage to 66, the stage appropriate as the 2nd level of Heavenly Deity in the Sirius System.  Thus, the usurpation of the throne by improper means of a violent coup has brought about a chaotic mess in our Sirius Systsem and the Pleiades System.  The revolution of the heavenly world since 2007 aimed to quiet the confusion and regain the original system.

Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, the heavenly world system has completely restored to original form and the relationship between the dimension and the evolution stage has become apple-pie order.  However, it is impossible for most people to precisely verify the relationship because people who can examine the evolution stage of others have to have reached higher evolution stage than examinees.”

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 27, 2013

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