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Jul 22, 2013

“Rice Field Art” in Japan Turns Out To be Amazing!

Information from Ponko, our reader, posted on our blog on July 13, 2013

“I was worried that chemicals might be used to color rice fields.  I am relieved to find that leaves or spikes of ancient rice give coloring to the fields.”
(Comment of the reader)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Peachy – July 10, 2013 –

“Rice Field Art” in Japan Turns Out To be Amazing!

“Rice field art” is a large-scale art in which people design rice fields with the use of various different kinds of rice plants.  It originated in early 1990s.  There are 137 places across the country, which is the number of confirmed rice fields so far, where this art is exhibited; it is popular mainly in the Tohoku region.

The larger the area of rice planting is and the more precise the design is, the more difficult it is to make art

It is amazing that no chemicals are used to color rice fields because pictures or letters are drawn with the use of multi-colored leaves or spikes of ancient rice -- purple, yellow, green and red.

Recently “rice filed art” has been known throughout the country, and many tourists take a sightseeing bus tour to see it.  I hear that one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand tourists visit Inakadate village, Minamitsugaru County, Aomori Prefecture every year.  I do want to go there.

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