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Jul 6, 2013

Obama Frightened by Impeachment – 48% of Americans and 27.6% of Democrat supporters Want Impeachment of Obama over IRS scandal and over Benghazi Respectively

As for the part “… has been walking the White House’s halls at night, bizarrely staring at the portrait of Abraham Lincoln for inspiration,” I think it is necessary to give some planation to it.

Obama belongs to the shady Illuminati, the group of Jesus.  According to Benjamin Creme, Abraham Lincoln has been reincarnated as a government bureaucrat in the U.S. and has been active behind the scenes.

Lincoln belongs to the old group of Hermes, not the group of Jesus.  These two groups cooperated with each other and worked together to promote NWO (New World Order).  Orders from the Masters have been conveyed through Lincoln to Illuminati members including Obama.  It is Lincoln that has virtually controlled CFR, NSA and others.

This is the reason many of reptilians including Master Jesus (Teacher of the 6th Ray in theosophy) were executed by deities and aliens on May 17.  Subsequently the reincarnation of Lincoln was executed and has disappeared.

Even if Obama in agony waits for the support and order from Lincoln to get inspiration, it would go for nothing.  Evil has been completely destroyed.  At present only small fry like Obama have survived.  The trio of Sanat Kumara (Lucifer, dragon), Maitreya (Miroku, 666) and Obama (fake prophet) is what the Apocalypse is all about.
This scenario was written by the king of reptilians, Enoch.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 1, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – June 30, 2013 –

Obama Frightened by Impeachment – 48% of Americans and 27.6% of Democrat supporters Want Impeachment of Obama over IRS Scandal and over Benghazi Respectively

Obama Frightened by Impeachment -- He Weeps in front of friends

It appears that Obama has recently lost much weight.  The American people blame the Obama administration for revelations of various scandals.  I wonder if Obama succeeds in leaving his office or leave in the middle.

Finally, American president and many politicians are only interested in money and power and are just act under orders of leaders of Illuminati.  They are just utilized as a tool convenient to the leaders.  In the future, the American people are going to actually impeach President Obama.

(Excerpt from the original text:

June 24, 2013
Insider: Obama Openly Weeping: 'They're Going To Impeach Me'
A White House insider claims that Barack Obama has confided to friends, "They're going to impeach me."

That's the revelation coming from the Globe which also claims that a distressed Obama "can't eat or sleep" and "has been walking the White House's halls at night, bizarrely staring at the portrait of Abraham Lincoln for inspiration."

According to the tabloid, an "inside source" claims; "Numerous times his aides and friends have seen him openly weeping" and Obama "is petrified that he will have to resign in disgrace or be thrown out of office in disgrace."

Of course, talk of impeachment is not confined to the tabloids. Andrew B Wilson recently opened an article, "Impeach Obama?" for the American Spectator by posing the question: "Don’t even think it, Rush says. But let’s think it anyway."

On the liberal side of the world, Michael Tomasky, writing for the Daily Beast recently spoke at length on the subject in an article titled "The Coming Attempt to Impeach Obama:"

"[T]he double-barrel revelations that the White House hasn’t quite been telling the whole story on Benghazi and that some mid-level IRS people targeted some Tea Party groups for scrutiny are guaranteed to ramp up the crazy [on impeachment]... and the people in the White House damn well better fear the same..."

Tomasky attempted to redeem himself to his liberal audience by saying the idea of impeaching Obama is "industrial-strength insane," but he still conceded that it's well within the realm of possibility, "especially if the Republicans have held the House and captured the Senate in the by-elections."

And when it comes to public opinion, the jury is still out on just how "industrial-strength insane," the idea may be.

A poll conducted by Wenzel Strategies last month indicated that48% of Americans wanted to see Obama impeached over the IRS scandal.

The most shocking aspect of the poll however was that one in four Democrats wanted to see Obama impeached over the IRS Scandal.

The same poll indicated that "50.1% of those polled said that Obama’s conduct with regard to Benghazi alone justified impeachment, with 27.6% of those responders self-identifying as Democrats."

Fritz Wenzel went so far as to say, "the American public is building a serious appetite for it."

One thing is certain, the rapidly emerging scandals are taking a toll on Obama's popularity and if more scandals follow, the damage may become irreparable.

Thus far, John Boehner and Republican leaders have been hesitant to bring up the subject, but if we allow history to be our guide, a further weakened Obama could rapidly change that dynamic.

Perhaps Obama is roaming the halls, waiting for the other dreadful shoe to drop. If not, he should be. Time will tell.

(Note) Font change into red letters made by Mr. Takeshita

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