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Jul 2, 2013

Fiancé of Tamako-sama (Sun)

This is the information from Mr.Takeshita.

In an article on Mt. Fuji, Solar Halo and Circumhorizontal Arc posted on June 24, I explained that this phenomenon was a sign of engagement of Tamako-chan (Sun).   I have got the name of her fiancé star and got messages from the two.  I’d like to let you know them.  As usual, I have got messages through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi.

*Name of Tamako-chan’s fiancé – Harukekimichiyuku-mikoto-sama

*Name of star – Samidare-kagayakuhoshi
(It means the star which shines most in the season of Samidare (early summer rain).  I hear the star has been not discovered yet.)

*Messages from the two to people of Earth


“People of Earth, I thank you for celebrating our engagement.
My star has been unknown to you, people of Earth.
I am sure you don’t know the name of my star.
However, I am very happy to have a chance to make friends with Earth.

Both of us wish to have a happy future and we also wish Earth to have a bright future and shine as a happy star.

Please remember *Tamako-chan and me.”

*”Tamako-chan is a good name, which sounds cute and is easy to say.”

Takakihikarino-himemiko-sama (Tamako-sama)

“People of Earth, I am very happy to have you kindly call to me and introduce our engagement on Shanti Phula’s blog.
Mikoto-sama and I would like to make further efforts to maintain peace on the universe and peace on the earth.

We are very happy.
It is all thanks to the cooperation of all people of Earth.
All of you have tackled the problem of the earth and we three sisters have been saved.
Without a helping hand of Earth, our engagement would not have been realized.

It is all thanks to Deities in the Universe, divine spirits, aliens and all of you, people of Earth.
Thank you so much.
Please remember us.

Masatoshi Takeshia
June 28, 2013

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