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Jul 16, 2013

Explosion at Gas Pipeline in Egypt – Truth of Incident –

I’d like to introduce three incidents.  The first incident was caused under the orders of Obama.  The second and third incidents were caused by the neoconservative faction of the Bush/Nazi camp.

Explosion at a gas pipeline is apparently a threat to Egyptian army.  Obama is such a despicable man.  An Asiana plane crash is an act of retaliation for President Park, who veered to the Nathaniel camp from the Rockefeller/Obama camp.  The perpetrator appears to be U.S. forces stationed in Korea.

Oil tanker train destroyed by fire in Quebec is considered to be sanctions enforced against a traitor, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has finally waved the white flag after being driven into a corner due to vote rigging.  It is the same with an explosion at the gas pipeline between Jordan and Egypt.

I told in a comment on the article posted on June 28 that Jordan’s king was surrendered.  Therefore, this incident has another aspect of being a threat to King Abudullah.  Neoconservative faction has been executed partly for the purpose of containing evil.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 8, 2013

English translation of excerpts from three Japanese articles:
(1)The Voice of Russia – July 8, 2013 –
(2)Voyage to Space – July 7, 2013 –
(3)Voyage to Space – July 8, 2013 –

(1)  Explosion near gas pipeline in Egypt

Photo: RIA Novosti

A local media reported that the pipeline carrying Egyptian oil to Jordan has been exploded today.  Oil tanker blasted at a place 60 km away from Arish, a town of north Sinai.

A coup before this incident caused the overthrow of President Morsi.  Since then growing tension has been under way in Egypt.

(2)  CIA, Illuminati army group of reptilians, retaliates with Asiana plane crash for anti-CIA President Park


Her parents were assassinated by CIA.  Subsequently she has avoided being involved in politics.  However, she seems to have started thinking about what she was born for.

Of course, the perpetrator of this Asiana plane crash terror is CIA, Illuminati organization of reptilians and the incident is a threat to anti-CIA President Park.


(3)   CIA, organization of reptilians blows up oil tanker train at a Quebec town with five killed and 40 still missing.

CNN story says that an unattended oil tanker train automatically moved, reached a Quebec town which faces toward a lake 7 miles (11km) away from the place.  I wonder who believes it.

The truth is that as usual, the oil tanker train was driven by remote control, which is up to CIA’s line, and the train was destroyed by fire in a town.

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